Selecting Elements

This task shows you how to select elements, either through selection icons or using option keys.

A sphere has been created.


Using Selection Icons

  This kind of selection enables a filter mode to select only specified elements.
It is available through the Tools Palette, which appears when creating or modifying a surface for instance, and when one of the transformation icons (translation, rotation, affinity or attraction) is selected.

  The following icons let you:
  • (All Type Selection) select any kind of element (faces, edges and points).

  •  (Face Selection) select faces only: the compass is aligned on the mean plane of the face.

  • (Edge Selection) select edges only: the compass is aligned along the edge direction.

  • (Vertex Selection) select points only: the compass' origin is defined.

In case of a multi-selection, the compass is computed using the mean plane computation of the selected elements.
  • (All Elements Selection) select all elements: for instance, if you first click then all points of the mesh will be selected.

This capability is also available through the Alignment, Link, and Compass Definition commands.

Using Option Keys

  This kind of selection lets you manage the selection and perform various operations.

  • Press Ctrl to add an element to the selection.

    • An unselected element is added to the selection

    • A selected element is removed from the selection

  • Press Shift to select using a trap:

  1. Press Shift

  2. Draw the trap

  3. Release Shift

  • Use both Shift and Ctrl to add or remove a trap selection.