General Settings

This page deals with the following settings:

Update Propagation to Children

This option allows defining the level of children to be updated when working in Manual update mode.
Use the up and down arrows to define the propagation depth level.
By default, the depth level is set to 0.


This option lets you define the ratio between the mouse displacement and the actual displacement of the manipulator in the geometry. The smaller the coefficient, the more precise the mouse manipulation.
Click the Attenuation icon to allow attenuation or not:
: No attenuation is allowed
: An attenuation coefficient can be set using the slider. 0 is not allowed and 1 means no attenuation.
By default, it is set to No attenuation and the coefficient (providing the attenuation is allowed) is set to 0.50.


This option lets you apply the maximum weight on vertices, providing they have a weight and there is at least three connex edges.
By default, this option is checked.

Center Mode

This option lets you create the subdivision surface either at the center of the screen (View centered) or centered at the model origin (Origin centered).
By default, this option is set to View Centered.