Selecting Multiple Surfaces

This task shows you how to select multiple surfaces and perform modification. This task deals with:

Open the MultiSelection.CATPart document.

  1. Click Modification .

  2. Select Subdivision Surface.1.

  3. Click Multi Selection .

    You can also access this command by pressing ALT+SHIFT+M.
  4. Press the Crtl key and select Subdivision Surface.3.

  5. Click Multi Selection and you are back to Modification command.


Modification of multiple surfaces

  1. Select the faces on these two subdivision surfaces. You can use the Ctrl key to multi-select the faces. You can add, remove, change the selected faces.

    The All Elements Selection will select all faces of the two subdivision surface.

  2. Click Translation .

  3. Move the mouse cursor to highlight the desired axis or plane.

  4. Hold down the left-mouse button and drag to translate the surfaces.

  5. Release the left-mouse button when you are satisfied with the new position of the surfaces.



Use one subdivision surface to modify another

  1. Click Compass Definition to define the compass' position on Subdivision Surface.3.

  2. Click Compass Definition again.

  3. Click Alignment .

  4. Select the multiple edges or vertices on Subdivision Surface.1 to align them on Subdivision Surface.3. You can use the Ctrl key to multi-select the vertices. You can add, remove, change the selected vertices.

  5. Click on the manipulator to project the edges.

    You can see that the edges are projected.
    The result is:

  • All modification commands can be applied to multiple surfaces.
  • When you work with more than a one subdivision surface, and if the working zone option is activated (or deactivated), then it will be activated (or deactivated) for the entire selected subdivision surfaces. For more information on working zone, refer to Defining The Working Zone.
  • If you have selected the faces or edges or vertices of a subdivision, and further deselected the subdivision, then reselecting this subdivision will highlight all previously selected elements.