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Getting Started

Displaying the Reconcile Window

Identifying the Targeted SmarTeam Documents

Defining Reconciliation Rules

Applying Reconciliation Rules

Saving and Checking In all the Documents in SmarTeam

User Tasks

Identifying SmarTeam Documents

Performing a Query by Latest Available Revision

Performing an Interactive Query

Identifying the Documents Globally

Undoing Document Mapping

Defining Reconciliation Rules

Defining the Reconciliation Rule You Need

Automating the Valuation of Reconciliation Rules

Resetting Reconciliation Rules

Using Reconciliation Tools

Managing Broken Links

Using the Locate Tool

Using the Sort Tool

Using the Viewers

Showing Profile Cards

Automating Reconciliations Using the Automatic Preselection Command

Automating Reconcilications Using the CATStiReconcileBatch Tool

Generating a Reconciliation Report

Interface Description

Actions Toolbar

CATIA View Tab

Query, Global Set Tabs

List View, 3D Viewer and CATIA 2D View Tabs


Customizing your Environment

Customizing Queries

Customizing Query Results Display

Customizing Report Layouts

Customizing Pre-V5R18 Databases to use Automatic Pre-selection

Customizing your Environment for Reconciling ENOVIA Data


Exporting Data

Internal Intellectual Property (I.P.) Protection

Exchanging Modified Documents Only

Reconciling ENOVIA Data with SmarTeam Documents

Reconciling ENOVIA Data Saved in Structured Exposed Mode

Reconciling an Assembly Containing a Contextual Part