Managing Broken Links

Sometimes, for different possible reasons, suppliers send incomplete design. In such cases, the Reconcile Window displays broken links for the product loaded in your CATIA session.

ENOVIA SmarTeam - CATIA Supply Chain Engineering Exchange enables you to integrate incomplete design received from suppliers. Because a specific rule lets you manage broken links, it is then possible for suppliers or manufacturers (OEMs) to choose not to expose all documents. This therefore ensures Intellectual Property protection.

This rule is Keep as External . It is available for documents that are part of the design or of the assembly but that are missing while reconciling.  Available only for documents that are not present, it enables you to integrate incomplete design received from a supplier.

For an example of when you can use this rule see Exchanging Modified Documents Only and Internal Intellectual Property (I.P.) Protection - Integrating Subsets of Data in the Methodology section of this guide.