Undoing Document Mapping

This task shows you how you to undo the mapping of documents resulting from query operations. The application lets you undo mapping for one document in particular or for all the documents of the Objects to reconcile tree.
In CATIA, open a product containing several sub-products to reconcile and perform a query as explained in Identifying SmarTeam Documents.

Undoing One Mapping

The Reset contextual command lets you reset one object mapping.

  1. Select a document which has been mapped to a SmarTeam object.

  2. Right-click and select Reset.
    The document is no longer mapped as indicated by the symbol.

Undoing All Mappings

To undo the mapping of several documents, we recommend you use the Reset all command. This undoes several documents mappings but also resets the reconciliation rules which have been defined.

Reset all is available from the Global Set tab. For more information, see Resetting All Rules.