Performing an Interactive Query

This task shows you how you to perform an interactive query. Interactive queries are search for objects in SmarTeam using the latest available revisions criterion and additional criteria you can enter in a Query dialog box. These additional criteria can be customized using the Integration Tools Setup utility. For more information, see Customizing Queries and Customizing Query Results.
In CATIA, open a product containing several sub-products to reconcile and display the Reconcile Window.
  1. From the Reconcile Window, in the Query tab set Interactive-Latest available revision from the drop down list.

  2. Click Query.
    The Interactive-Latest available revision dialog box is displayed. By default, the Part Number field is pre-set by SmarTeam.

  3. Enter a document ID, a description or a reference file name in the corresponding fields or fill in all fields.

  4. Click OK to run the query.
    If the application has detected a SmarTeam document which the document can be mapped to, the application displays its latest revision in the Objects area.
    In addition to this type of information, this area may also display other helpful information. The number of information displayed depends on the way the query operation has been customized. For more information, see Customizing Query Results.

    In CATIA View, the symbol indicates that mapping has been done between the CATIA and the SmarTeam object, but a reconciliation rule is not set yet.
    If no document is found, the application displays No Object Found.

Optimizing Interactive Queries

From V5R18 onwards, the application memorizes the values you entered in the Query dialog box for searching for a given document. In concrete terms, each time you will relaunch an interactive query for that document, you will do not need to fill in the fields. The application will display them as default values.

Query Contextual Command

Searching for SmarTeam objects can be done using the Query contextual command. The query type that will be executed - Interactive-Latest Available Revision or Latest Available Revision - is the query selected in the Query Criteria field.