Using the Locate Tool

This task shows you how to search for objects to reconcile using their attributes values in the Objects to reconcile tree and in the List View according to the attribute selected in the Locate dialog box.

The Locate tool enables you to work on specific objects for example objects having a specific type (CATProduct) or a specific naming rule.

You can use this functionality at any step of the reconciliation definition to perform a search.

In CATIA, open any product to reconcile and display the Reconcile Window.

  1. Click Locate or right-click an item in either the Objects to reconcile tree or in the List View and select Locate.
    The Locate dialog box is displayed.

  2. The different search criteria available in the Look in column scrolling list are:

    • ID
    • Rule
    • Type
    • Document
    • Environment

    For example, select ID.

  3. Enter *Wheel* in the Search for objects names field.

  4. Click Apply.
    The documents containing the "Axle" string are highlighted both in the CATIA view and in the List View.

  5. Click OK when done.