Actions Toolbar

The actions toolbar enables you to set perform the following actions on the objects to reconcile:

Setting Reconciliation Rules

The Reconciliation Rules toolbar enables you to define if the object to store is to be considered as new (New), if the PDM version is to be kept (Reload) or if the CATIA version will replace the information stored in the PDM repository (Overwrite).

Overwrite in SmarTeam: The object loaded in the CATIA session overwrites the one stored in the PDM repository. See Defining Reconciliation Rules.
Reload from SmarTeam: The SmarTeam object version is kept. See Defining Reconciliation Rules.
New Object in SmarTeam: The object is considered as a new one. See Defining Reconciliation Rules.
Keep as External: The broken link will be accepted as "broken" during the reconciliation process. After saving the documents in the database, the external reference will remain "broken". See Managing Broken Links.

Locating Objects By Attributes

Locate object by attribute: searches for objects to reconcile using their attributes values in the Objects to reconcile tree and in the List View according to the attribute selected in the Locate dialog box. See Using the Locate Tool.

Generating a Report

Report:  generates a report on the different reconciliation options you set for the documents to to reconciled. See Automating Reconciliations Using the Automatic Pre-selection Command.

Selecting the View Type

This scrolling list enables you to select the view type you want to display in the CATIA View:

  •  Document: represents the documents to be reconciled as a tree of documents. This is the default view.
  • Instance:  Both tabular and graph views represent the CATIA Product structure view, i.e. the objects presented with instances.