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Files Reference


About This Book
Who Should Use This Book
How to Use This Book
Case-Sensitivity in AIX
ISO 9000
Related Publications
System Files
Types of Files
File-Naming Conventions
System Files
Related Information
acct.cfg File
admin File
aliases File for Mail
audit File for BNU
backup File
bincmds File
BOOTP Relay Agent Configuration File
bootparams File for NFS
ca.cfg File
cdromd.conf File Format
ClientHostName.info File
clsnmp.conf File
Command (C.*) Files for BNU
compver File
config File
consdef File
copyright File
Data (D.*) Files for BNU
/dev/hty File
/dev/rhp File
DHCP Client Configuration File
DHCP Server Configuration File
depend File
dir File
dsinfo File
dumpdates File
e789_ctbl File for HCON
e789_ktbl File for HCON
environ File
environment File
errors File for BNU
ethers File for NIS
events File
Execute (X.*) Files for BNU
exports File for NFS
.fig File
filesystems File
Foreign File for BNU
.forward File
ftpaccess.ctl File
/etc/group File
/etc/security/group File
Workload Manager groupings File
hostmibd.conf File
image.data File
INed Files
.info File
inittab File
irs.conf File
ispaths File
isprime File
.kshrc File
limits File
login.cfg File
.maildelivery File for MH
/usr/lib/security/methods.cfg File
mhl.format File
.mh_profile File
mibII.my File
mkuser.default File
mtstailor File for MH
mrouted.conf File
netgroup File for NIS
netmasks File for NIS
netsvc.conf File
networks File for NFS
NLSvec File
ntp.conf File
ntp.keys File
objects File
/etc/passwd File
/etc/security/passwd File
pcnfsd.conf Configuration File
pkginfo File
pkgmap File
policy.cfg File
portlog File
/proc File
pwdhist File
publickey File for NIS
qconfig File
rc.boot File
rc.tcpip File for TCP/IP
remote.unknown File for BNU
Resource Data Input File
roles File
rmccli General Information File
rpc File for NFS
sendmail.cf File
setinfo File
setup.csh File
setup.sh File
smi.my File
smitacl.group File
smitacl.user File
snmpd.conf File
snmpd.boots File
snmpdv3.conf File
snmpmibd.conf File
socks5c.conf File
space File
.srf File
streamcmds File
sysck.cfg File
Temporary (TM.*) Files for BNU
Workload Manager .times File
updaters File for NIS
user File
user.roles File
vfs File
Workload Manager classes File
Workload Manager limits File
Workload Manager rules File
Workload Manager shares File
xferstats File for BNU
xtab File for NFS
File Formats
Asynchronous Terminal Emulation (ATE) File Formats
Basic Networking Utilities (BNU) File Formats
tip File Formats
TCP/IP System Management File Formats
.3270keys File Format for TCP/IP
acct File Format
ar File Format (Big)
ar File Format (Small)
ate.def File Format
audit File Format
bootptab File Format
Character Set Description (charmap) Source File Format
core File Format
core File Format (AIX 4.2)
core File Format (AIX 4.3)
cpio File Format
Devices File Format for BNU
Dialcodes File Format for BNU
Dialers File Format for BNU
Dialing Directory File Format for ATE
DOMAIN Cache File Format for TCP/IP
DOMAIN Data File Format for TCP/IP
DOMAIN Local Data File Format for TCP/IP
DOMAIN Reverse Data File Format for TCP/IP
eqnchar File Format
ftpusers File Format for TCP/IP
gated.conf File Format for TCP/IP
gateways File Format for TCP/IP
hosts File Format for TCP/IP
hosts.equiv File Format for TCP/IP
hosts.lpd File Format for TCP/IP
hty_config File Format
inetd.conf File Format for TCP/IP
lastlog File Format
ldap.cfg File Format
LDAP Attribute Mapping File Format
Locale Definition Source File Format
LC_COLLATE Category for the Locale Definition Source File Format
LC_CTYPE Category for the Locale Definition Source File Format
LC_MESSAGES Category for the Locale Definition Source File Format
LC_MONETARY Category for the Locale Definition Source File Format
LC_NUMERIC Category for the Locale Definition Source File Format
LC_TIME Category for the Locale Definition Source File Format
Locale Method Source File Format
magic File Format
.mailrc File Format
map3270 File Format for TCP/IP
Maxuuscheds File Format for BNU
Maxuuxqts File Format for BNU
.mh_alias File Format
mib.defs File Format
named.conf File Format for TCP/IP
.netrc File Format for TCP/IP
networks File Format for TCP/IP
nroff or troff Input File Format
nterm File Format
Permissions File Format for BNU
phones File Format for tip
Poll File Format for BNU
profile File Format
protocols File Format for TCP/IP
queuedefs File Format
rc.net File Format for TCP/IP
rc.ntx File Format
remote File Format for tip
resolv.conf File Format for TCP/IP
resolv.ldap File Format for TCP/IP
.rhosts File Format for TCP/IP
sccsfile File Format
services File Format for TCP/IP
setmaps File Format
simprof File Format
Standard Resource Record Format for TCP/IP
Sysfiles File Format for BNU
Systems File Format for BNU
telnet.conf File Format for TCP/IP
terminfo Directory
.tiprc File Format for tip
trcfmt File Format
troff File Format
troff Font File Format
tunables File Format
uconvdef Source File Format
UIL File Format
utmp, wtmp, failedlogin File Format
vgrindefs File Format
WML File Format
XCOFF Object File Format
Special Files
Related Information
3270cn Special File
bus Special File
cd Special File
console Special File
dials Special File
dump Special File
entn Special File
Error Logging Special Files
fd Special File
fddin Special File
GIO Special File
ide Special File
kbd Special File
lft Special File
lp Special File
lpfk Special File
lvdd Special File
mem or kmem Special File
mouse Special File
mpcn Special File
mpqi Special File
mpqn Special File
null Special File
nvram Special File
random and urandom Devices
omd Special File
opn Special File
ops0 Special File
pty Special File
rcm Special File
rhdisk Special File
rmt Special File
scsi Special File
serdasda Special File
serdasdc Special File
tablet Special File
tmscsi Special File
tokn Special File
trace Special File
tty Special File
urandom and random Devices
x25sn Special File
Header Files
3270 Host Connection Program (HCON) Header Files
Related Information
List of Major Control Block Header Files
Options and Flags for HCON File Transfer Header Files
dirent.h File
dlfcn.h File
eucioctl.h File
fcntl.h File
filsys.h File
flock.h File
fullstat.h File
fxconst.inc File
fxfer.h File
fxfer.inc File
fxhfile.inc File
g32_api.h File
g32const.inc File
g32hfile.inc File
g32_keys.h File
g32keys.inc File
g32types.inc File
grp.h File
iconv.h File
inode.h File
inttypes.h File
ipc.h File
iso646.h File
ldr.h File
limits.h File
libperfstat.h File
math.h File
mode.h File
msg.h File
param.h File
pmapi.h File
poll.h File
pthread.h File
pwd.h File
rset.h File
sem.h File
sgtty.h File
shm.h File
spc.h File
srcobj.h File
stat.h File
statfs.h File
statvfs.h File
syslog.conf File
systemcfg.h File
tar.h File
termio.h File
termios.h File
termiox.h File
types.h File
unistd.h File
utmp.h File
values.h File
vmount.h File
wctype.h File
wlm.h File
x25sdefs.h File for X.25
cb_call_struct Structure for X.25
cb_circuit_info_struct Structure for X.25
cb_clear_struct Structure for X.25
cb_data_struct Structure for X.25
cb_dev_info_struct Structure for X.25
cb_fac_struct Structure for X.25
cb_int_data_struct Structure for X.25
cb_link_name_struct Structure for X.25
cb_link_stats_struct, x25_query_data, or x25_stats Structure for X.25
cb_msg_struct Structure for X.25
cb_pvc_alloc_struct Structure for X.25
cb_res_struct Structure for X.25
ctr_array_struct Structure for X.25
Understanding Types of Directories
Related Information
/etc/locks Directory
/usr/lib/hcon Directory
/var/spool/mqueue Directory for Mail
/var/spool/uucp Directory for BNU
/var/spool/uucp/.Admin Directory for BNU
/var/spool/uucp/.Corrupt Directory for BNU
/var/spool/uucp/.Log Directories for BNU
/var/spool/uucp/.Old Directory for BNU
/var/spool/uucp/.Status Directory for BNU
/var/spool/uucp/SystemName Directories for BNU
/var/spool/uucp/.Workspace Directory for BNU
/var/spool/uucp/.Xqtdir Directory for BNU
/var/spool/uucppublic Directory for BNU
Appendix. Notices

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