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cb_call_struct Structure for X.25


Used by the x25_call, x25_call_accept, and x25_receive subroutines to pass the X.25 port name, called and calling addresses, facilities, and user data.


#define X25FLG_D_BIT       
#define X25FLG_LINK_NAME    0x00000002
#define X25FLG_CALLED_ADDR  0x00000004
#define X25FLG_CALLING_ADDR 0x00000008
#define X25FLG_CB_FAC       0x00000010
#define X25FLG_USER_DATA    0x00000020

struct cb_call_struct
  unsigned long flags;
  char *link_name;
  char *called_addr;
  char *calling_addr;
  struct cb_fac_struct *cb_fac;
  int user_data_len;
  unsigned char *user_data;
} ;


X25_FLG_D_BIT Indicates that the call uses D-bit procedures.
X25_FLG_LINK_NAME Indicates that the link_name field is used.
X25_FLG_CALLED_ADDR Indicates that the called_addr field is used.
X25_FLG_CALLING_ADDR Indicates that the calling_addr field is used.
X25_FLG_CB_FAC Indicates that the cb_fac field is used.
X25_FLG_USER_DATA Indicates that the user_data field is used.


flags Notification to the API that the associated field has been used.
link_name Name of the X.25 port used for an incoming call.
This is set to null on received packets.
called_addr Pointer to the network user address (NUA) of the called data terminal equipment (DTE). The address is given in ASCIIZ format.
calling_addr Pointer to the NUA of the calling DTE. The address is given in ASCIIZ format.
cb_fac Pointer to the facilities information in the cb_fac_struct structure.
user_data_len Field length for call user data (CUD).
user_data Pointer to call user data (CUD).

Related Information

The x25sdefs.h file.

The cb_fac_struct structure, cb_clear_struct structure.

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