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Files Reference

setup.csh File


Sets the C-shell environment variables needed to build an InfoCrafter database.


The setup.csh file defines C-shell environment variables necessary to build an InfoCrafter database from the command line. The setup.csh file contains the definition of the TOOLSDIR and TOPLEVEL_BUILDDIR variables; if there are relative path names of source files in your input list, it also sets the TOPLEVEL_SOURCEDIR variable. The TOOLSDIR variable is added to your path environment variable so you can use the icft command without specifying the full path name.

The default value for the TOOLSDIR environment variable is /usr/lpp/icraft/bin. The TOPLEVEL_SOURCEDIR and TOPLEVEL_BUILDDIR variables have no default values.

You must copy the setup.csh file from /usr/lpp/icraft/bin to another location (such as your home directory) and edit it to define the variables. Then, use the source setup.csh command to assign the new definitions to the variables.


A sample setup.csh file appears as follows:

setenv           TOPLEVEL_SOURCEDIR      $HOME/desktop
setenv           TOOLSDIR                /usr/lpp/icraft/bin
setenv           TOPLEVEL_BUILDDIR       $TOOLSDIR/master

To set the C-shell environment variables, enter the following:

source setup.csh

The following message is displayed:

setup.csh:      assigning environment variables
                for InfoCrafter. . .


/usr/lpp/icraft/bin/setup.csh Contains the definitions of C-shell environment variables.

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