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Files Reference

smi.my File


Provides sample SMI input to the mosy command.


The /usr/samples/snmpd/smi.my file is a sample input file to the mosy command, which creates an objects definition file for use by the snmpinfo command. The mosy compiler requires its input file to contain the ASN.1 definitions described in the Structure and Identification of Management Information (SMI) RFC 1155 and the Management Information Base (MIB) RFC 1213. The smi.my file contains the syntax descriptions from the SMI RFC 1155.

The smi.my file begins with a definition of the SNMP subtree of the MIB as assigned by the Internet Activities Board (IAB). It then contains the syntax definitions defined in RFC 1155.

Comments are specified by - - (two dashes). A comment can begin at any location and extends to the end of the line.

The smi.my file was created by extracting the definitions from Chapter 6 of RFC 1155. This file is shipped as /usr/samples/snmpd/smi.my. The file is part of Simple Network Management Protocol Agent Applications in Network Support Facilities.


/usr/samples/snmpd/mibII.my Contains the ASN.1 definitions for the MIB II variables defined in RFC 1213.
/etc/mib.defs Defines the Management Information Base (MIB) variables the snmpd agent should recognize and handle. This file is in the format that the snmpinfo command requires.

Related Information

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RFC 1155, RFC 1213.

The Simple Book, An Introduction to Management of TCP/IP-Based Internets by Marshall T. Rose, 1994, Prentice Hall.

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