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cb_clear_struct Structure for X.25


Used by the x25_call_clear and x25_receive subroutines to pass the clear cause and diagnostic values, called and calling addresses, facilities information, and user data.


#define X25FLG_CAUSE        ;0x00000001
#define X25FLG_DIAGNOSTIC   0x00000002
#define X25FLG_CALLED_ADDR  0x00000004
#define X25FLG_CALLING_ADDR 0x00000008
#define X25FLG_CB_FAC       0x00000010
#define X25FLG_USER_DATA    0x00000020

struct cb_clear_struct
  unsigned long flags;
  u_char cause;
  u_char diagnostic;
  char *called_addr;
  char *calling_addr;
  struct cb_fac_struct *cb_fac;
  int user_data_len;
  u_char *user_data;


X25_FLG_CAUSE Indicates that the cause field is used.
X25_FLG_DIAGNOSTIC Indicates that the diagnostic field is used.
X25_FLG_CALLED_ADDR Indicates that the called_addr field is used.
X25_FLG_CALLING_ADDR Indicates that the calling_addr field is used.
X25_FLG_CB_FAC Indicates that the cb_fac field is used.
X25_FLG_USER_DATA Indicates that the user_data field is used.


flags Notification to the API that the associated field has been used.
cause Cause value to be inserted in clear packet.
diagnostic Diagnostic reason to be inserted in packet.
called_addr Pointer to the network user address (NUA) of the called data terminal equipment (DTE). The address is given in ASCIIZ format.
calling_addr Pointer to the NUA of the calling DTE. The address is given in ASCIIZ format.
cb_fac Pointer to the facilities information in the cb_fac_struct structure.
user_data_len Length of user-data field.
user_data Pointer to user data. This can be used only if "fast select" has been requested in the call-request packet.

Related Information

The x25sdefs.h file.

The cb_call_struct structure, cb_fac_struct structures.

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