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Files Reference

Workload Manager .times File


Defines time ranges for configurations in a configuration set.


Time ranges will appear in the configuration set files. These files are attribute files where the stanzas are the configuration names, and the only attribute is the time range. No default record is allowed (useless and confusing). A missing time range attribute stands for the default time range, which means always outside the other defined time ranges if any.

Time Coherency Checks

It is mandatory that the time ranges do not overlap within a single file. In doing so, it would not be possible to find which is the right config to use. The union of all time ranges must cover all times. The default time range will help for ensuring this.

It might not be possible to make changes to a correct file that result in another correct file without having intermediate incorrect file contents from this coherency point of view, due to commands or SMIT making one change at a time. For this reason, the content of the file is copied to .running at Workload Manager explicit update time.


This syntax applies to configuration set files and to confsetcntrl, a new command in AIX 5.2, wherever a time range is given. SMIT and Web-based System Manager provide a more convenient way to select or enter a time range. A time range is specified as a range of days with 0 representing Sunday and 6 representing Saturday, and in 24 hour format, with hours and minutes specified. A default time range, which will include all time ranges not otherwise specified, is indicated by a single minus sign (-).


<time-range>: - 
<time-range>: <weekday-range>,<time-of-the-day-range> 
<time-range>: <weekday-range> 
<time-range>: <time-of-the-day-range> 
<weekday-range>: <weekday>-<weekday> 
<weekday-range>: <weekday> 
<weekday>: 0 through 6 for Sunday through Saturday 
<time-of-the-day-range>: <time-of-the-day>-<time-of-the-day> 
<time-of-the-day>: <hour>.<minute> 
<hour>: 0 through 23 
<minute>: 0 through 59
  1. A colon is accepted to seperate hours and minutes instead of dot, provided that the field is quoted (colon has a special meaning in attributes file format).
  2. Value 24 is correct for ending <hour> if <minute> is null.
  3. For convenience and for command parameters only, <weekday> may be specified with the name or the abbreviation of the day of the week as they appear in the output of locale day or locale abday commands, taking into account the current user locale (LC_TIME). This is not appropriate for attribute files which do not have a defined locale.


conf1:        time = -
    conf2:        time = "1-5,8:00-17:00"
    conf2:        time = "6-0,14:00-17:00"
    conf3:        time = "22:00-6:00"


$HOME/.time Specifies the complete path name of the .time file.

Related Information

The confsetcntrl and lswlmconf commands.

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