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Files Reference

simprof File Format


Specifies PC Simulator startup options.


When you start PC Simulator with the pcsim command, PC Simulator searches for a profile of startup options. The profile used by PC Simulator is the simprof file format. It is a pure ASCII text file that you can edit with any text editor.

You can specify the name of a profile with the -profile flag at the pcsim command. If you do not enter a -profile flag, PC Simulator searches for the simprof default profile. This sample profile, included with PC Simulator, is located in the /usr/lpp/pcsim/samples directory.

You can define more than one profile. These profiles can be for different users or for starting PC Simulator with different options. PC Simulator first searches for the specified profile in the current working directory, then in the $HOME directory, and finally in the /usr/lpp/pcsim directory. To operate with only one profile, you can copy the simprof sample profile to one of these directories, and edit it to set the options you want.

Even if PC Simulator finds a profile, it searches all three directories. It can, therefore, find more than one profile with the same file name. If this happens, PC Simulator accumulates options from each profile. It overlays values for the same option in each profile and uses the last value it reads. You can set options with flags from the command line that override any options in a profile.


A simulator profile resembles an AIXwindows default profile. Options are listed by flag name, followed by a : (colon), then a parameter value. The simprof sample profile included with PC Simulator is similar to this example, except that it includes no parameter values.

If an option is not listed or no value is specified, PC Simulator starts with the default value for this option. A blank space between the colon and parameter value is optional. Any text following a # (pound sign) is a comment. PC Simulator expands environment variables inside the simprof file.

If there is no diskette drive present, the entries for Adiskette and Bdiskette should be removed from the profile. If there is only one diskette drive present, the entry for Bdiskette should be removed from the profile.

Cdrive        : /home/dos1/txt.fil  # select file /home/dos1/txt.fil
                                    # for fixed disk C:
Ddrive        : /home/dos2          # select directory /home/dos2
                                    # for fixed disk D:
permission    : 666                 # read/write permissions to
                                    # all users for files saved
                                    # to fixed disk
Adiskette     : 3                   # select 3.5-inch diskette drive
Bdiskette     :                     # no B diskette drive selected
dtime         : 5                   # release diskette drive to
                                    # AIX after 5 seconds
display       :                     # use default AIXwindows
                                    # server, unix:0
dmode         : V                   # select VGA display mode
geometry      :                     # use default window size
                                    # & position, 720x494+152+265
iconGeometry  : =64X64+10+10        # size and position of icon
iconName      :                     # use default, pcsim
kbdmap        :                     # no file selected
name          : BUDGET              # name in window title bar
refresh       : 100                 # refresh display every
                                    # 100 milliseconds
lpt1          : lp0                 # emulate DOS lpt1 with AIX lp0
lpt2          :                     # none selected
lpt3          :                     # none selected
mouse         : com1                # emulate Microsoft serial mouse
ptime         : 30                  # print job file buffering
                                    # time out after 30 seconds
xmemory       : 1024                # provide 1MB extended memory


/usr/lpp/pcsim/samples/simprof Contains an example startup profile.

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