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Files Reference

.kshrc File


Contains a shell script that customizes the Korn shell environment.


The $HOME/.kshrc file is a shell script that customizes the Korn-shell environment. This .kshrc script often contains a list of environment variables, command aliases, and function definitions that customize the Korn-shell environment.

Each time you start a new instance of the Korn shell, the ksh command examines the value of the ENV environment variable set in the $HOME/.profile file. If the ENV environment variable contains the name of an existing, readable file, the ksh command runs this file as a shell script. By convention, this file is named $HOME/.kshrc. You can use another name, but you must set the ENV environment variable to point to it.

.kshrc should never output (echo, print, or call any program that echos or prints) anything.


The following is a sample of a .kshrc script on one specific system. The contents of your .kshrc file can be significantly different.

# @(#).kshrc 1.0

# Base Korn Shell environment

# Approach:

#      shell            initializations go in ~/.kshrc
#      user             initializations go in ~/.profile
#      host / all_user  initializations go in /etc/profile
#      hard / software  initializations go in /etc/environment      

# DEBUG=y       # uncomment to report

[ "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Entering .kshrc"

set -o allexport

# options for all shells --------------------------------

# LIBPATH must be here because ksh is setuid, and LIBPATH is
# cleared when setuid programs are started, due to security hole.


# options for interactive shells follow-------------------------

TTY=$(tty|cut -f3-4 -d/)
HISTFILE=$HOME/.sh_hist$(echo ${TTY} | tr -d '/')
[${PWD}] '

# aliases

[ "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Setting aliases"

alias man="/afs/austin/local/bin/man -e less"
alias pg="pg -n -p':Page %d: '"
alias more="pg -n -p':Page %d: '"
alias cls="tput clear"
alias sane="stty sane"
alias rsz='eval $(resize)'

# mail check

if [ -s "$MAIL" ]       # This is at Shell startup.  In 
then echo"$MAILMSG"     # normal operation, the Shell checks
fi                      # periodically.

# aixterm window title

[[ "$TERM" = "aixterm" ]] && echo 

# functions

[ "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Setting functions"

function pid { ps -e | grep $@ | cut -d" " -f1; }

function df {
  /bin/df $* | grep -v afs;
  echo "\nAFS:";
  /usr/afs/bin/fs listquota /afs;

function term {
  if [ $# -eq 1 ]
    echo $TERM
    export TERM
  echo $TERM

function back {

  cd $OLDPWD
  echo $CWD $OLDPWD

[ "$DEBUG" ] && echo "Exiting .kshrc"

set +o allexport


/etc/environment Contains system-wide environment variable definitions.
/etc/profile Contains system-wide environment customization.
$HOME/.kshrc Sets the user environment for each start of the Korn shell.
$HOME/.profile Contains user-specific logon initialization.

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