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cb_dev_info_struct Structure for X.25


Used by the x25_device_query subroutine to pass device information.


#define X25FLG_NUA                         0x00000001
#define X25FLG_NO_OF_VCS                   0x00000002
#define X25FLG_MAX_RX_PACKET_SIZE          0x00000004
#define X25FLG_MAX_TX_PACKET_SIZE          0x00000008
#define X25FLG_DEFAULT_SVC_RX_PACKET_SIZE  0x00000010
#define X25FLG_DEFAULT_SVC_TX_PACKET_SIZE  0x00000020

struct cb_dev_info_struct
  unsigned long flags;
  char *nua;
  unsigned int no_of_vcs;
  unsigned int max_rx_packet_size;
  unsigned int max_tx_packet_size;
  unsigned int default_svc_rx_packet_size;
  unsigned int default_svc_tx_packet_size;
} ;


X25_FLG_NUA Indicates that the nua field is used.
X25_FLG_NO_OF_VCS Indicates that the no_of_vcs field is used.
X25_FLG_MAX_RX_PACKET_SIZE Indicates that the max_rx_packet_size field is used.
X25_FLG_MAX_TX_PACKET_SIZE Indicates that the max_tx_packet_size field is used.
X25_FLG_DEFAULT_SVC_RX_PACKET_SIZE Indicates that the default_svc_rx_packet_size field is used.
X25_FLG_DEFAULT_SVC_TX_PACKET_SIZE Indicates that the default_svc_tx_packet_size field is used.


flags Notification to the API that the associated field has been used.
nua Pointer to the network user address (NUA) recorded for the device in ASCIIZ format.
no_of_vcs Number of permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) configured on this device.
max_rx_packet_size Maximum receive packet size in bytes.
max_tx_packet_size Maximum transmit packet size in bytes.
default_svc_rx_packet_size Default receive packet size in bytes.
default_svc_tx_packet_size Default transmit packet size in bytes.

Related Information

The x25sdefs.h file.

Logical Channels and Virtual Circuits.

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