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Getting Started

How Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange Works

Accessing Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange

User Tasks

About Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange

Launching the Reconciliation Window

Mapping Objects to Reconcile

Mapping Objects using Query

Mapping Objects using the VPDM View

Defining Reconciliation Parameters

Defining Reconciliation Rules

Selecting the Storage Mode

Automating the Valuation of Reconciliation Rules

Locating Objects

Simulating and Applying the Reconciliation

Simulating the Reconciliation

Applying the Reconciliation Rules

Saving Documents in the VPDM

Reconciliation Tools

Decision Support Tools

Extracting ENOVIA V5 VPM Data Using VPM Navigator

Reconciling a Filtered Product Structure

Working with the Delta Mode

Managing Broken Links

Reporting and Printing

Running Batch Processes

Running the CATPDMExtractEV5Batch Batch Process

Running the CATPDMReconcileEV5Batch Batch Process

Running the CATPDMExtractEV4Batch Batch Process

Running the CATPDMReconcileEV4Batch Batch Process

Using Batch Processes with ENOVIAVPM

Use Cases

Use Case 1: Reconciling a Product Structure

Use Case 2: Reconciling a CATPart and a CATDrawing

Use Case 3: Reconciling a Sub-Assembly Using ENOVIAVPM

Use Case 4: Initializing a Reconciliation Transaction From Different Documents

Interface Description


Customizing Reconciliation Settings

Customizing Queries, Global Sets and Filters

Administration Tasks

Configuring Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange for use with ENOVIA V5 VPM

Configuring Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange for use with ENOVIAVPM


Reconciling Product Structures Containing Parts

Reconciling Product Structures Containing Models

Exporting an Assembly and a Drawing From ENOVIAVPM

Working with a Drawing and a Part

Working with a Drawing and a Product

Working with a Part and a Skeleton

Working with a Product View Result (PVR)

Working with ENOVIAVPM

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with the Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange Application

Customizing the Reconciliation Transaction