Running the CATPDMExtractEV4Batch Batch Process


The extraction of data from the VPDM can be automated by running the CATPDMExtractEV4Batch batch process. This batch is driven via a command line giving as input the root of the assembly on which the extraction will be done.
  1. To retrieve the help information:

    CATPDMExtractEV4Batch -help

  2. To run the extraction:

    CATPDMExtractEV4Batch [-part Env.PART_LIST.PartListName[.Version]]
    [-adddoc Env.DocTable.DocName.DocType[.Revision]]
    [-separator string]
    -out ouputpath [-delete] [-epexml outputXmlFile] [-report xmlReportFile]
    [-connect xxx] [-role xxx] [-user xxx] [-pwd xxx]



-help Help

-part : Environment and PartList name of the root of the assembly to extract.  Note that if you are extracting a single part,  -adddoc should be used to specify the document directly. If you use -part, nothing will be extracted because the documents attached directly to the root part are not extracted.
-adddoc :  Environment, document table, document name and document type to load if not attached in an assembly. Can be used also to extract standalone documents. Several adddoc statements are possible.
-separator  string: used to specify a string to be used as a delimiter for the -part and -adddoc keywords (instead of the default delimiter, ".").
-out outpath : Path of the folder in which the session will be saved.
-delete : Force deletion  for files already existing in output folder before extraction.
-epexml : To generate an XML template file that can be used by reconciliation batch.
-report : To generate an XML report listing extracted documents.
-connect xxx : Server name.
-role xxx : Role used for ENOVIAVPM connection.
-user xxx : User for ENOVIAVPM connection.
-pwd xxx : User password for ENOVIAVPM connection.

Note that:

1. The -part and -adddoc options are optional.

2. More than one ENOVIAVPM document can be added to the session: each document can be added by an -adddoc statement.

3. Documents are extracted to path given by -out argument. If documents already exist with the same name the extraction will fail.

4. When using the -part option, in order to specify the version of the PartList to be extracted, the attribute PART_LIST.C_PART_VERSION must be defined in the ENOVIA VPM V4's RESULT mask.  If the correct version is not being extracted, please see your System Administrator to verify this attribute is defined.



When running batches, you must always use the command catstart, of which the following is an example (for more details, see the Infrastructure Guide, Basic Tasks, Starting a Session on Windows):

catstart -run "CATPDMExtractEV4Batch -adddoc RECV5_EXTRACT1_PART1.CATPart -out c:\temp\ "

  1. Extraction of a single Part:

    CATPDMExtractEV4Batch -adddoc VPMENV1.DOCUMENT.RecVpmV4TestPart1.CATPart -out c:\temp\
  2. Extraction of two CATParts and CATDrawing based these CATParts:

    CATPDMExtractEV4Batch -adddoc VPMENV1.DOCUMENT.RecVpmV4TestPart1.CATPart -adddoc VPMENV1.DOCUMENT.RecVpmV4TestPart2.CATPart -adddoc VPMENV1.DOCUMENT.RecVpmV4TestDrw.CATDrawing -out c:\temp\
  3. Extraction of an assembly:

    CATPDMExtractEV4Batch -part VPMENV1.PART_LIST.RecVpmV4Root -out c:\temp\

  4. Extraction of an assembly drawing with its assembly:

    CATPDMExtractEV4Batch -part VPMENV1.PART_LIST.RecVpmV4Root -adddoc VPMENV1.DOCUMENT.RecVpmV4TestDrw.CATDrawing -out c:\temp\
  5. BlackBox assembly (CATProduct):

    CATPDMExtractEV4Batch -adddoc VPMENV1.DOCUMENT.RecVpmV4BlackBox.CATProduct -out c:\temp\


  1. Configured data is not supported.
  2. Impact graph:

    The session to extract is not completed with "impacted by" or "impacted on" documents.
  3. Getting traces:

    The batch is based on CATIA V5 ApplicationFrame infrastructure, therefore a CATIA V5 window may appear when running the batch.
    The batch therefore needs a running window manager.
    The batch runs as a background task and its traces are not displayed in the window from which it was started. Traces can be retrieved using CNEXTOUTPUT environment variable.
  4. Assembly structures are extracted in a single CATProduct file.  There is not an option (as in CATPDMExtractEV5Batch) to extract components as Products.


Possible exit status values are:

  • 0: Successful completion.
  • 4: Failure due to one or more of the standalone documents (-adddoc documents).
  • 8: Failure due to any of the following:
  • Query failed
  • Load of PDM data failed
  • Save of loaded data failed
  • 202: Connection failed.