Decision Support Tools

Using the Sort Tool
Using the 3D Viewer
Using the CATIA 2D Viewer
Checking Object Characteristics


Using the Sort Tool  

This functionality enables you to sort objects to reconcile in the List View. 
  1. In CATIA, open the Board.CATProduct file or any other product to reconcile.

  2. Launch the Reconciliation Window.

  3. Select the Part&Document view and click the List View tab.

  4. Click Board2.CATPart in the CATIA View and click the New icon .
    It will be considered as a new document when saved in the database.

  5. In the List View field, click Rule title Rule column.
    The Rule column is sorted. The arrow indicates whether the column is sorted by ascending order or descending order.



Using the 3D Viewer  

It is possible to visually compare documents that are to be reconciled.
  1. Click the 3D Viewer tab to visually compare the documents to be reconciled.

    A selected CATProduct or CATPart document is displayed in 2 views:
    • CATIA 3D View
    • VPDM 3D View

    If the CATIA 2D View tab is active and you select a CATPart or CATProduct in the CATIA View, the 3D Viewer tab will automatically become active. If the List View is the active tab, then it will remain the active tab.

  • When the Dependent option is checked, the VPDM 3D View point and the CATIA 3D View are synchronized, and both objects are displayed in the same position. The 3D viewer viewpoints are identical.
  • The 3D Viewer is available for CATIA CATParts, CATProducts and models. It is available for the VPDM with the cache only for CATParts and models after mapping the VPDM object.
  • The 3D visualization is available:
    • For the VPDM view on CATPart and CATIA V4 models using the .cgr files extracted from the DMU Cache.  CATPart files stored in the VPM V5 repository (vault) can also be viewed in the VPDM view when the DMU Cache is active.

    • For the CATIA view for CATProduct, CATPart and CATIA V4 models.

Using the CATIA 2D Viewer  

This functionality enables you preview CATIA CATDrawing documents.
  1. Click the CATIA 2D Viewer tab to preview CATIA CATDrawing documents.  The active sheet of the CATDrawing currently opened in the CATIA session will be displayed.

    The selected CATDrawing document is displayed only in the CATIA 2D View.

  • If the CATIA 3D View tab is active and you select a CATDrawing in the CATIA View, the 2D Viewer tab will automatically become active. If the List View is the active tab, then it will remain the active tab.
  • Panning, zooming in/out and sizing the image into the viewer are possible.
    • To pan, move the mouse inside the 2D viewer with the middle mouse button pressed.
    • To zoom in/out, press the middle mouse button down continuously and click the right or left mouse button once.  Then move the mouse up and down inside the 2D viewer to zoom in or out, respectively.
    • To fit the image inside of the 2D viewer use the Fit all In icon.


Checking Object Characteristics (ENOVIAVPM and ENOVIA V5 VPM)

Checking object characteristics enables you to compare some pre-defined characteristics of the objects loaded in the CATIA session and stored in either ENOVIAVPM or ENOVIA V5 VPM.
  • For each document loaded in CATIA that is to be mapped to an already existing document saved in the VPDM repository, you can use the Characteristics comparison performed between both objects (the one stored in the VPDM repository and the one loaded in CATIA) to make your decision.  
  • When reconciling objects in ENOVIAVPM, there is one characteristic available for comparison, Publications.
    • The Status column indicates if the publications are identical for both objects (OK) or if changes were made (KO) and the list of publications is displayed.
    • The publications of the CATPart stored in the database are compared to the publications located on the root ASM product of the corresponding CATIA V5 document.

To check the characteristics of the objects to be reconciled in ENOVIAVPM, click the Characteristics tab and press the Compare button.


  • When reconciling objects in ENOVIA V5 VPM, the characteristic available for comparisons is based on  Attributes
    • Comparisons can be made on mapped CATPart documents. 
    • Attribute comparison details whether attribute values have Identical or Different values
    • Attribute comparison is done based on XML mapping.  The Work with Attribute Mapping option can be activated in Tools>Options>General>Compatibility> ENOVIA V5 >User Attribute Mapping.  By default the option to Work with Attribute Mapping  is not checked.  When you check this box you also need to define the location of the xml file that is used to map the attributes.

      The following xml mapping can be used to compare the Revision and LifeCycle Status attributes


      <DomainDef EntityType="Document" DefinitionType="FixedValue" Name="DOCDIR" />

      <!-- Document Domain -->

      <AttributesMapping EntityType="Document" DomainName="DOCDIR">

      <!-- Revision -->

      <Attribute Name="DocumentRevision" Type="STRING">

      <CATIAInfo Name="ENOVIA5.DocumentRevision" Editable="No" Visible="Yes" />

      <DBInfo Name="V_version" LCASubEntity="DV" Editable="Yes" Visible="Yes" />


      <!-- Status -->

      <Attribute Name="Status" Type="STRING">

      <CATIAInfo Name="ENOVIA5.DocumentStatus" Editable="No" Visible="Yes" />

      <DBInfo Name="V_status" LCASubEntity="DV" Editable="Yes" Visible="Yes" />