Working with the Delta Mode

The objective of the Delta mode is to enable a supplier or an OEM to exchange only the documents that have been modified since the previous exchange. For the time being, this process is supported only for CATPart, CATIA V4 documents and CATProducts saved in Publications Exposed.

As only a part of the data was sent, when launching the reconciliation process, some documents are not found (broken links). The Workpackage Exchange Application enables you to view them. So, at compare time, if an instance is found in ENOVIA V5 VPM and not in CATIA, you will choose to delete the instance (default behavior of the previous release) or to leave this instance in ENOVIA V5 VPM. To do so, you will choose the Reload rule or the Keep as external rule.

So after applying the reconciliation rules, the broken links will be:

  • replaced by the documents you selected in the VPDM repository if the Reload rule is selected, or
  • ignored if the Keep as external rule is selected.


In the above graphic, the OEM sends the initial data to Supplier.

The supplier sends back the modified files:

  • Sub-assembly P1.
  • Instance M12.1 is moved.
  • M11.model & C13.CATPart are modified.
  • M12.model & C14.CATPart are not sent since they were not modified.