Accessing Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange

This topic shows how to access the Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange application.
Note that the Supplier Chain Engineering Exchange application is compatible with the Design mode only.
There are 2 methods to access the Supplier Chain Engineering application depending on the documents that you want to reconcile:

To reconcile the edited document from its current workbench:

  1. Connect to your VPDM system.

  2. Open the document you want to reconcile.

  3. In the menu bar, select View -> Toolbars -> Reconcile.
    The Reconcile toolbar is displayed.

  4. Click the Launch Reconciliation icon .
    The Reconcile Window is displayed.

Note that you cannot select a sub-product to be reconciled. The reconciliation occurs at the root product level.


To reconcile different documents loaded in the CATIA session:
  1. Open the documents you want to reconcile.

  2. From the File menu, access the Desk command. The Desk window is displayed.

  3. Select the documents and click the Launch Reconciliation icon or right-click the selected  documents and, in the contextual menu, select Launch Document Reconciliation.
    The Reconcile Window is displayed.



Note that:
  • this enables you to perform a multi-selection and to launch the reconciliation at the same time.
  • you will be able to reconcile an assembly structure and the drawing of parts for example.
  • you can have only one assembly structure in the same session. The reconciliation will be forbidden if you select documents that are linked to different assembly structures to manage only one PRC. For example the reconciliation of a CATDrawing document and a CATProduct document will be impossible if the drawing was generated from a different assembly structure.  A dialog box is displayed to inform you that the reconciliation is impossible if 2 unlinked assembly structures are loaded to reconcile your selection.