Using Batch Processes with ENOVIAVPM 


The reconciliation can be automated by running the CATPDMReconcileEV5Batch batch process. This batch is driven via a command line giving as input the root of the assembly on which the reconciliation will be done.
  1. When launched, the batch tries to execute on the server side an ENOVIAVPM shell called

    This shell name must not be changed. This shell must be referenced in the $PATH variable of the ENOVIAVPM user declared in the mapping (e.g. /V15/vpmadmin/code/bin).

  2. The shell has to be created by the ENOVIAVPM administrator and should look like:

    !# /bin/ksh
    if [ -f $HOME/.profile ] ; then
    . $HOME/.profile
    . /V15/vpmadm/env/ >/tmp/traces 2>&1
    VX0SERV >>/tmp/traces 2>&1

  3. must be exported using the following variable:


    For instance, if the batch is located in /u/users/DDD/, the command to be run is: