Mapping Objects using the VPDM View


This view enables you to display a view of the assembly structure stored in the VPDM corresponding to the CATIA view. The displayed tree is based on the result of the VPDM search.

The mapping using the VPDM view can be performed on objects saved in Structure Exposed mode.  When mapping VPM V5 objects, objects saved in Publication Exposed mode can also be mapped in the VPDM view.

Alphabetical ordering of both CATIA and VPDM view trees enables easier mapping between the two views, as corresponding products and parts will now be aligned.

  1. Do a query on the root node of the assembly, e.g. Skate2-100-ABC-1002 and select one of the proposed VPDM objects found by the query.

  2. In the CATIA View, click Hub-010-DEF-1001.

  3. In the VPDM View, click Hub-010-DEF-1001.
    The mapping is established.
    The two instances in the VPDM View are highlighted.
    The Overwrite rule is automatically applied.
    Once this mapping has been established, all subsequent selections of the part in the CATIA View will select all of the associated instances in the VPDM View.