Advanced Machining Menu Bar

The various menus and menu commands that are specific to Advanced Machining are described below.

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Tasks corresponding to general menu commands are described in the CATIA Version 5 Infrastructure User's Guide.

Tasks corresponding to common Machining menu commands are described in the NC Manufacturing Infrastructure User's Guide.

Insert Menu

Command... Description...
Machining Operations See Insert > Machining Operations
Machining Features Inserts Machining Features:
Auxiliary Operations See Insert > Auxiliary Operations

Insert > Machining Operations

  Command... Description...
Axial Machining Operations Creates Axial Machining Operations
Prismatic Machining Operations Creates Prismatic Machining Operations
Surface Machining Operations Creates Surface Machining Operations
Multi-Axis Machining Operations Creates Multi-Axis Machining Operations

Insert > Machining Operations > Axial Machining Operations

  Command... Description...
Drilling Creates a Drilling Operation
Spot Drilling Creates a Spot Drilling Operation
Drilling Dwell Delay Creates a Drilling Dwell Delay Operation
Drilling Deep Hole Creates a Drilling Deep Hole Operation
Drilling Break Chips Creates a Drilling Break Chips Operation
Tapping Creates a Tapping Operation
Reverse Threading Creates a Reverse Threading Operation
Thread w/o Tap Head Creates a Thread without Tap Head Operation:
Boring Creates a Boring Operation
Boring and Chamfering Creates a Boring and Chamfering Operation
Boring Spindle Stop Creates a Boring Spindle Stop Operation
Reaming Creates a Reaming Operation
Counter Boring Creates a Counterboring Operation
Counter Sinking Creates a Countersinking Operation
Chamfering 2 Sides Creates a Chamfering Two Sides Operation
Back Boring Creates a Back Boring Operation
T-Slotting Creates a T-Slotting Operation
Circular Milling Creates a Circular Milling Operation
Thread Milling Creates a Thread Milling Operation
Sequential Axial Creates a Sequential Axial Operation
Sequential Groove Creates a Sequential Groove Operation

Insert > Machining Operations > Prismatic Machining Operations

  Command... Description...
Pocketing Creates a Pocketing Operation
Facing Creates a Facing Operation
Profile Contouring Creates a Profile Contouring Operation
Curve Following Creates a Curve Following Operation
Point to Point Creates a Point to Point Operation
Groove Milling Creates a Groove Milling Operation
4 Axis Pocketing Creates a 4-Axis Pocketing Operation

Insert > Machining Operations > Surface Machining Operations

  Command... Description...
Sweep Roughing Creates a Sweep Roughing Operation
Roughing Creates a Roughing Operation
Cavities Roughing Creates a Cavities Roughing Operation
Sweeping Creates a Sweeping Operation
4-Axis Curve Sweeping Creates a 4-Axis Curve Sweeping Operation
Pencil Creates a Pencil Operation
ZLevel Creates a ZLevel Operation
Contour Driven Creates a Contour Driven Operation
Spiral Milling Creates a Spiral Milling Operation
Plunge Milling Creates a Plunge Milling Operation
Isoparametric Machining Creates an Isoparametric Machining Operation

Insert > Machining Operations > Multi-Axis Machining Operations

  Command... Description...
Multi-Axis Sweeping Creates a Multi-Axis Sweeping Operation
Multi-Axis Contour Driven Creates a Multi-Axis Contour Driven Operation
Multi-Axis Tube Machining Creates a Multi-Axis Tube Machining Operation
Multi-Axis Spiral Milling Creates a Multi-Axis Spiral Milling Operation
Multi-Axis Curve Following Creates a Multi-Axis Curve Following Operation
Multi-Axis Flank Contouring Creates a Multi-Axis Flank Contouring Operation
Multi-Axis Helix Machining Creates a Multi-Axis Helix machining Operation