Cavities Roughing

This task shows you how to machine the center of a part.

Refer to Cavities Roughing in the Reference section for more detail about this operation.

  1. Open the MultiPockets1.CATPart from the samples directory.

  2. Create the rough stock:

  • select the Creates rough stock icon
  • pick the part
  • select PartBody as the Destination.

  1. Select the Cavities Roughing icon and select Machining Program.1 in the specification tree.

The Cavities Roughing dialog box appears.

  1. Select the Rough stock and the part to machine.

  1. Go to the Machining tab and check that the Center Definition parameters are set as shown below.

  1. Click the Tool Path Replay icon.

Now we are going to optimize the tool path:

  1. In the Machining tab, right click the machining direction arrow and select the Optimize contextual command.

  2. Click the Tool Path Replay icon again.

    You can see that the tool path direction has been adapted to the geometry to machine: it is defined by the shape of each pocket and set along the main direction (X or Y).

  3. Select the HSM tab and make sure the High Speed Milling checkbox is selected.

  4. Click the Tool Path Replay icon once again. Note that the corners are now rounded for high speed milling.