Using Document Windows

This task explains how to use document windows.

On the Sun Solaris platform, we recommend that you set the following desktop resource to always keep your Version 5 window on top:

Allow primary always on top

  • Select Window > New Window.

    A new window is opened containing the document you are editing.
    The remaining commands on the Window menu let you organize your windows horizontally or vertically with respect to each other, so that they do not overlap, (Window > Tile Horizontally and Window > Tile Vertically) or in a cascading arrangement in which they overlap each other (Window > Cascade).

    Note that you can switch from one document window to another by selecting the window name at the bottom of the Window menu.


About Filenames

The size of filenames displayed at the bottom of the Window menu must not exceed 32 characters (without the extension). Otherwise, filenames are truncated in the middle and ".." is displayed instead so that the filename without the extension does not exceed 32 characters.