Cutting and Pasting Objects


This task shows you how to remove the selection and paste it to the desired location.
  Keep in mind that the application workbenches offer a variety of specific cutting and pasting scenarios.
Contextual features such as fillets or extracts cannot be pasted if their parent element (edge, face, etc.) has not been previously selected.
  1. Select the object(s) you want to cut.

  2. To cut, you can either:

    • click Cut in the Standard toolbar
    • select Edit > Cut
    • press Ctrl+X
    • right-click then select Cut, or
    • in the geometry area or the specification tree, drag the selection (although not a graphical cut, this is equivalent to the cut operation).
    This places what you cut in the clipboard.
  3. To paste, you can either:

    • click Paste in the Standard toolbar
    • select Edit > Paste
    • press Ctrl+V
    • right-click then select Paste, or
    • in the geometry area or the specification tree, drop what you are dragging (see above).

More about the Cut command

When cutting new, modified or pointed documents, a warning message gives you a list of unsaved documents that will be removed and prompts you to:

  • click Yes if you want to edit these modified documents. This opens in a new window each document listed in the warning message
  • click No if you do not want to keep the modifications
  • click Cancel to cancel the cut operation and restore the previous state.

"Pointed documents" implies directly pointed documents as well as documents indirectly pointed by a document about to be cut. For instance, when cutting a sub-product, all the modified CATPart documents included in this sub-product will be listed in the warning.

Nevertheless, note that documents may not be listed in the warning message. This is the case when a document is:

  • edited in another editor. For instance, if you open a CATPart document using the Open in New Window contextual command then cut one of its instances, you will not be asked to edit the document
  • pointed by another document edited in another editor.