Saving Existing Documents

This task shows you how to save an existing document. When a document is saved, it is stored in the UTF8 Unicode format. This ensures that the data contained in it can be read on both Windows and UNIX whatever the session code page used.
  • Click Save in the Standard toolbar or select File > Save (or press CTRL+S).

A message appears in the status bar to confirm that the document is saved.


If the document you are trying to save points to parts, a pop-up is displayed to warn you that these parts will also be saved and you are prompted to click either Yes (to confirm), or Cancel if you do not want to save these pointed parts. In that case, you need to select File > Save Management to choose which documents you want to save.
Note that this pop-up message is not displayed if you select File > Save All.


If you are trying to save a document that is currently modified and saved by another user, a message appears to warn that your modifications will be lost if you proceed.

You can choose to set an automatic save for your file using the General tab in Tools > Options. For more information, see Customizing General Settings.

More about the Save command

  • When saving an existing file in another directory without changing the file name (which means that you have now two files), note that you can open only one of these files at a time. If one of them is already open, you cannot open the other. The reason is that both files have the same UUID (Unique Universal IDentifier).
    To avoid this, each file must have its own UUID. This can be done by selecting File > New from. For detailed information, refer to Creating New Documents from Existing Documents
  • If you open a read-only document, make no changes then try to save it, no pop-up message is displayed to inform you that the document is read-only.
    On the contrary, if you modify a read-only document then try to save it, a pop-up message is displayed to inform you that the document cannot be saved with the same name because it is a read-only document.