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Parts Information
IBM WorkPad - Spare parts information25-02-99GKEY-45DJFE
Product Information
IBM WorkPad PC Companion- General overview for models 30X, 30J, and 3GE12-04-99LWIK-455MEY
IBM WorkPad PC Companion- System specifications for models 30X, 30J, and 3GE12-04-99LWIK-455NRV
IBM WorkPad c3 - System specifications for models 40X, 40U, and 4GE12-04-99LWIK-455PPF
IBM WorkPad c3 - General overview of models 40X, 40U and 4GE12-04-99LWIK-455PFR
IBM WorkPad (8602) - Product Information24-02-99EMON-3MDPAG
Service Hints & Tips
IBM WorkPad - HotSync problem with ExpressIT! 200004-05-99EMON-3M2S8T
IBM WorkPad - Synchronization of email fails with a large number of recipients12-11-98LWIK-425QWG
IBM WorkPad - WorkPad not being recognized in cradle13-10-98LWIK-3Z7QHN
IBM WorkPad - Erroneous Text Added to Bottom of E-mail Messages08-05-98EMON-3MAKEJ
IBM WorkPad - "Time-Outs" During HotSync08-05-98EMON-3M2QWA
IBM WorkPad - HotSync Fails With MS Exchange 08-05-98EMON-3M6P8W
IBM WorkPad - E-mail Messages Having Identical Subject Lines 08-05-98EMON-3M2RED
IBM WorkPad - Error Messages When Using MS Exchange 08-05-98EMON-3MAJTQ
IBM WorkPad - Problems with Fax Mail 08-05-98EMON-3MAK8B
IBM WorkPad - HotSync Tips08-05-98EMON-3M3KFT
IBM WorkPad - Greyed-Out HotSync Window 08-05-98EMON-3MAJN2
IBM WorkPad - Deleting E-Mail 08-05-98EMON-3M6QB7
IBM WorkPad - Limitation on Length of Phone Numbers08-05-98EMON-3M3NGP
IBM WorkPad - FAQs About E-mail15-04-98EMON-3M6M9B
IBM WorkPad - Using Eudora 3.01 with WorkPad Mail15-04-98EMON-3M2RW2
IBM WorkPad - Setting PalmPilot Modem to Ignore Dialtone02-04-98EMON-3M6PY4
IBM WorkPad PC Companion - Faint background lines appear on the display12-04-99LWIK-46VGKC
General Information
IBM WorkPad - Using Lotus EasySync05-05-99PFAN-3V2QYQ
IBM WorkPad - Custom field not appearing or scroll feature not working in Address Book 12-04-99LWIK-46KH7B
IBM WorkPad c3 - Hard resetting the WorkPad12-04-99LWIK-45FLB6
IBM WorkPad - Memory door not fastened securely12-04-99LWIK-3XK3VD
IBM WorkPad - Ship group information for models 30X,30GE,30J 02-04-99AGRN-455VEX
IBM WorkPad - Ship group information for models 40U,40X,4GE19-02-99AGRN-455UPH
Aptiva, ThinkPad - New on the IBM PC Support web site!06-08-98PFAN-3W7QMB
IBM WorkPad - Humming Noise When in Use08-05-98EMON-3M6NPC
IBM WorkPad - Checking Cradle Performance via Terminal Emulation08-05-98EMON-3M3NWY
IBM WorkPad - Correcting Datebook Events Time Shift08-05-98EMON-3M3PDD
IBM WorkPad - Tacky Surface or Oily Film on Display Screen08-05-98EMON-3M6LXJ
IBM WorkPad - Problems with Lotus Notes and MS Exchange08-05-98EMON-3MAK3H
IBM WorkPad - Notes on Binary-Based Calculators08-05-98EMON-3M3REM
IBM WorkPad - Archiving Files08-05-98EMON-3M2HTT
IBM WorkPad - Tips on importing files into the WorkPad's address book08-05-98EMON-3M3LP3
IBM WorkPad (8602) - Product Overview - Announced 09/23/9715-04-98EMON-3MDP4T
IBM WorkPad - Synchronizing via Infrared02-02-99BMOE-44KK72
IBM WorkPad - Trouble beaming at distances greater than 24" with the 2MB IR Upgrade25-06-98PFAN-3VRNQ4
Installation/Removal Procedures
IBM WorkPad - Installing the WorkPad Desktop software06-04-99LWIK-3UPK6D
IBM WorkPad - Installing Lotus Organizer 97 GS (trial version)26-01-99LWIK-3UPHZS
EMEA Mobile Brand Newsletter - March 199924-05-99AGRN-46AUUZ
IBM WorkPad c3 - Initial charge time of the battery12-04-99LWIK-45ZKVX
IBM WorkPad - Will not power on25-11-98LWIK-3REN3R
IBM WorkPad - Frequent Low Battery Warnings08-05-98EMON-3M6LR4
IBM WorkPad - Tips on Battery Usage 03-04-98EMON-3M2JHM
Software Installation/Configuration
IBM WorkPad - Synchronizing via Infrared02-02-99BMOE-44KK72
Windows 95
IBM WorkPad - Installing the WorkPad Desktop software06-04-99LWIK-3UPK6D
IBM WorkPad - Installing Lotus Organizer 97 GS (trial version)26-01-99LWIK-3UPHZS
Service Publications
IBM WorkPad c3 - Getting Started25-05-99MIGR-4894UB
IBM WorkPad PC Companion - Getting Started25-05-99MIGR-4894UE
IBM WorkPad PC Companion - Statement of Limited Warranty25-05-99MIGR-4894U8
IBM WorkPad PC Companion - Handbook25-05-99MIGR-4894U5
IBM WorkPad c3 - Handbook25-05-99MIGR-4894TX
IBM WorkPad c3 - Statement of Limited Warranty25-05-99MIGR-4894TZ
IBM WorkPad - Modem handbook12-04-99LWIK-3TMFUD
IBM WorkPad - Basic handbook12-04-99LWIK-3TMFP2
IBM WorkPad - Applications Handbook for the IBM WorkPad12-04-99LWIK-3TMFT3
IBM WorkPad 2 - Specifications sheet12-04-99LWIK-3TRR7V
TP General - Quick Reference Guide for All ThinkPads28-01-99PFAN-3T5RRZ
IBM WorkPad - Install instructions for the 2 MB Infrared upgrade option26-10-98PFAN-3VYLFU
System Support Disks
IBM WorkPad - Patch for synchronization failure of emails with large recipient list11-11-98LWIK-425RBL
IBM WorkPad - IR Synchronization driver23-09-98PFAN-3V4RVG
IBM WorkPad - IBM WorkPad Desktop installation software for Windows 9527-05-99LWIK-3VWQ8K
IBM WorkPad - Workpad Palm OS update v3.0.2 (20X model only)11-09-98LWIK-3XSJT4
IBM WorkPad - HotSync update to v3.0.1 (model 20X only)04-09-98LWIK-3XVLJA
IBM WorkPad - Operating System Update12-04-99DSHY-3QPLBN