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IBM WorkPad - HotSync Tips

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When encountering difficulty in getting HotSync to work, follow the below listed instructions

1. Read the WorkPad Desktop 2.1 README notes for information on HotSync and other topics. It includes important information on incompatibilities related to certain video accelerator cards which use COM 4's base address. Please read this document carefully. Also read the WorkPad Desktop User Guide on using HotSync prior to starting.

2. Make sure that the HotSync Manager is running on your desktop. It can be minimized on the screen, but it must be running.

3. Have a COM port available for connecting the WorkPad cable. This COM port cannot be the same one designated for an internal modem, and must not have the same IRQ value as the mouse or any other active device.

4. If a HotSync was successfully performed, and the data is missing on WorkPad Desktop, click on the Tools menu and choose Users, and double check that you have the correct user name selected for viewing data.

5. It is important not to give two WorkPads the same account name. WorkPad does not support the notion of "groupware" in this version. HotSync creates a unique user ID in addition to the username. It is important that no two ID's synchronize to the same user account. If you have given two WorkPads the same name, do this:

- Create a new user on the WorkPad desktop using theTools>Users>New, then, using the Windows File Manager or Windows 95 Explorer, COPY the files from the original user account folder into the new account folder.

- Do a hard reset on WorkPad, per instructions in the WorkPad User Guide.

- Perform a HotSync, selecting the WorkPad new account name for the WorkPad.

6. It is best to do a Local HotSync via the cradle and serial cable before trying to HotSync via modem. Click the Options menu on the HotSync Manager and choose Setup to confirm your configuration setup.

7. There are a number of conditions which may cause HotSync's failure to connect or disappear during an attempt to connect. Should this occur, simply close the HotSync Manager and re-launch it. HotSync will usually work after restarting.

8. If HotSync "times-out" while awaiting feedback from your computer, please read "WorkPad "Times-Out" During HotSync".

9. If you experience intermittent success HotSyncing, try lowering the data transfer rate by selecting HotSyncing, Setup, and Speed. Lowering the HotSync speed can improve consistency, especially with some laptops.

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