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IBM WorkPad - Using Eudora 3.01 with WorkPad Mail

Applicable to: United States

WorkPad Mail is now certified for use with Eudora Pro or Eudora Lite 3.01. Earlier versions of Eudora are not fully MAPI compliant, and will not work properly.

Be sure that Eudora 3.01 is installed and functioning properly before attempting to configure WorkPad Mail for use with Eudora. To configure WorkPad Mail for use with Eudora follow the steps below:

- Go to Custom HotSync settings from the HotSync Icon or WorkPad Desktop 2.1
- Select Mail, and Change
- Select Activate WorkPad Mail
- Under Synchronize with: Options, select Eudora 3.01. If you do not see Eudora 3.01 listed, select Microsoft Exchange 4.0.
- Select the appropriate Profile, Username, Password, Post Office, and Internet Gateway settings as discussed in Chapter 1 of your WorkPad Handbook.

Now go to Eudora 3.01 and make the following configuration adjustment:

- From the Eudora menu bar, select Tools
- From Tools, select Options
- Under Options, scroll down the Category list and select MAPI
- Choose the following:
Use Eudora MAPI server: When Eudora is running (Note: if you choose the Always option, you will not be able to launch MS Exchange on your system until this option is changed.)

- Select OK

When you HotSync your WorkPad, the mail on the WorkPad should now synchronize with Eudora's Inbox.

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