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IBM WorkPad c3 - Hard resetting the WorkPad

Applicable to: AP-S, Canada, LA, United States

Trying to perform a hard reset on my WorkPad c3 or having difficulty hard resetting the c3.

The technique for hard resetting a WorkPad c3 has changed slightly from the previous WorkPad organizers. To correctly perform a hard reset on a WorkPad, perform the following steps:

  1. Depress and hold down the green Power button on the top of the WorkPad c3.
  2. With an unravelled paper clip, insert the blunt end into the hole labelled Reset on the back of the WorkPad c3.
  3. Once the Palm Computing Platform logo appears on the screen after poking the Reset hole after a couple of seconds, release the power button.
  4. You should then see instructions indicating to press the scroll button either up or down to erase all data?.
  5. To complete the hard reset, press the scroll button Up.

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