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IBM WorkPad - Archiving Files

Applicable to: United States

The WorkPad and WorkPad Desktop allow archiving of purged or deleted records. This process removes unnecessary information from your WorkPad. Moreover, it creates space and also maintains a copy of the purged information. The deleted or purged information is readily accessible from the archived file .

WorkPad Desktop stores archived records in archive files. It maintains a separate file for the Date Book and for each category of records archived from the Address Book, To Do List, and Memo Pad. WorkPad Desktop adds records to the archive files both from the WorkPad Desktop and WorkPad when one performs a HotSync.

Note : An archived record is only created or updated when a HotSync occurs.

An archive file contains data only from one of the WorkPad Desktop applications. This file is opened only for the currently selected application, which is referred to as the "current application." When an archive file opens, the information is
displayed in the same way as in the current application.

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