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IBM WorkPad - Synchronizing via Infrared

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This document contains information for installing and configuring the Infrared synchronization software for IBM WorkPad.

For infrared-capable WorkPads, IR synchronization is a software upgrade which allows you to synchronize your data using an infrared link between two devices. Using an infrared connection eliminates the need to use the WorkPad cradle solution, with which you need to physically connect via a cable to your portable devices. Infrared solutions provide a fast and easy way to transfer data without hassling with cables.

The IR synchronization software meets the IrDA requirements for infrared communication. This allows your WorkPad to communicate with other IrDA-compliant devices which are becoming more wide-spread.

The IR synchronization software is supported between IBM's WorkPad and ThinkPad or Desktop systems (with the Extending System's JetEye IR product) using either Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98. The steps described in this document are compatible with both operating systems unless otherwise noted.

To download the IR synchronization the drivers, please click here.


This document contains the following sections:
I. System Requirements
II. Installing IR Synchronization Application
A. Downloading IR Synchronization files to WorkPad
B. Installing Infrared Drivers (if necessary)
C. Enabling IR Synchronizaiton on your ThinkPad
III. Using IR Synchronization
IV. Troubleshooting Tips

I. System Requirements

WorkPad Model:8602-20X
Fully infrared-capable as designed with integrated infrared hardware.

WorkPad Model:8602-10U
Need infrared ROM upgrade pack - install first

ThinkPad or other infrared-capable computer
Desktop 3.0 HotSync Manager
Windows 95 w/ infrared drivers or Windows 98

For IBM desktops, you will require an IR device, such as the ThinkPad Proven JetEye IR product.

II. Installing IR Syncronization Application

If you have not yet installed WorkPad Desktop 3.0 on your ThinkPad or infrared-capable PC, please do so now. Follow the instructions carefully to establish a serial connection with the WorkPad cradle. You may have to disable/enable serial and infrared ports. During installation of Desktop 3.0, a dialog box is displayed giving more specific information about this issue. Follow the instructions as outlined by "ThinkPad ComPort Conflicts."

A. Downloading IR Syncronization files to WorkPad

In order for you to install the IR Synchronization files, you must install the files by placing the WorkPad in the cradle and HotSync. After you have downloaded the IR synchronization files, you need to setup the WorkPad to use Infrared. Follow these steps to complete the installation:

a) Add IR synchronization files to the WorkPad

1. Copy the following 4 files to the \WorkPad\Add-On folder on the drive containing the WorkPad Desktop software.


2. Select Start, Programs, WorkPad Desktop, then WorkPad Install Tool.
3. On WorkPad Install Tool screen, click Add.
4. On Open screen, select IRLIB, and click Open.
5. On WorkPad Install Tool screen, click Add.
6. On Open screen, select PADHTAL LIBRARY, and click Open.
7. On WorkPad Install Tool screen, click Add.
8. On Open screen, select SERIRCOMM LIBRARY, and click Open.
9. On WorkPad Install Tool screen, click Add.
10. On Open screen, select SYNCPANEL, and click Open.
11. On WorkPad Install Tool screen, click Done, ant then click OK.
12. With WorkPad in the cradle, press the HotSync button.
13. Reset the WorkPad when prompted.

For additional information on installing applications, refer to your WorkPad Basic Handbook.

b) Enable IR synchronization application on the WorkPad

1. On the WorkPad, select Applications.
2. Select Prefs.
3. Click on the category in the upper right, and select SyncPanel.
4. Click on Infrared.

The WorkPad is now able to HotSync using the Infrared interface.

B. Installing Infrared Drivers (if necessary)

Next, you may need to install infrared drivers on your ThinkPad or infrared-capable PC.

To see if infrared drivers are installed on your Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows 98 PC: Click on Start, Settings, Control Panel, then look for the Infrared icon. If there is an Infrared icon, your computer is infrared-ready and proceed with Section C, "Enabling IR Synchronization on your ThinkPad," below. Otherwise, you will need to install the infrared drivers.

If you do not see an Infrared icon, proceed with the Windows 95 installation steps. For Windows 98 users, infrared is built into the Windows 98 operating system. If you do not see the Infrared icon, please contact IBM Technical Support.

a) Install infrared drivers on your Windows 95 computer.

1. Download the Windows 95 infrared driver (w95ir.exe) from the web. The driver is listed as "Windows 95 IrDA 2.0 (Infrared Driver)." The web address is: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/downloads/contents/updates/w95irda/default.asp

2. Extract and install the files as directed by the installer. (Select the defaults when possible.)
3. When prompted to select a Communications port, select the port to which infrared is physically connected. For example, ThinkPads primarily use COM1.
4. When prompted for a simulated port, verify the Infrared Serial (COM) port is either COM1, COM2, COM3, or COM4. If so, use the default port. If the Infrared Serial (COM) port is COM5 or higher, click on the Change ports button. Select an available COM port between COM1 and COM4.
5. Continue through the rest of the install by selecting the defaults.
6. Reboot your computer.

b) Enable the Infrared port on your ThinkPad. If you are not using an IBM ThinkPad, skip this step.

1. Select Start, Programs, ThinkPad, and ThinkPad Configuration (or ThinkPad Features).
2. Click on the Infrared Icon.
3. Select Enable from the Infrared window.
4. Click Disable if a Warning window comes up. (This will disable a Serial or other conflicting port.)
5. Click OK from the Infrared window.
6. Reboot the computer.

C. Enabling IR Synchronization on your ThinkPad

Next, you need to configure your ThinkPad or infrared-capable PC infrared settings to use the IR synchronization application.

These steps assume infrared drivers are already installed on your computer. If not, see Section B, "Installing Infrared Drivers," above.

a) Adjust the Infrared settings on your PC

1. Select Start, Settings, Control Panel, then Infrared.
2. Select the Options tab.
3. See that only the first box, "Enable Infrared Communication on:", is enabled.
4. See that no other boxes are checked in the Options tab.

NOTE: It is important to disable "Search for and provide status for devices in range." If enabled, it is possible you will receive unnecessary Beaming prompts on the WorkPad.

b) Configure the HotSync Manager port to Infrared.

1. Open HotSync Manager from task bar icon OR from Start, Programs, WorkPad Desktop, then HotSync Manager.
2. Select Setup.
3. Select the Local tab, and enter "COM4" into the Serial Port: field. (leave speed setting at "As Fast As Possible").
4. Click OK.

Note: COM4 is the default infrared port. It is possible that your machine is using a different COM port for infrared. To see what COM port you are using, select Start, Settings, Control Panel, then Infrared. Click on the Options tab. Look for "Providing application support for COM"; this is the COM port which you should select. If the COM port is COM5 or higher, you will have to reinstall the infrared drivers on COM4; HotSync Manager only recognizes COM1 through COM4. Otherwise, use the correct port in the Serial Port selection.

The ThinkPad or infrared PC is now ready to transfer data using the infrared port.

III. Using the IR Synchronization Application

To use IR synchronize the files on your WorkPad and your ThinkPad:

1. On your PC, load the HotSync Manager by selecting Start, Programs, WorkPad Desktop, then HotSync Manager.
2. Place the WorkPad in range of the ThinkPad infrared port.
3. On the WorkPad, select Applications, HotSync, then Local Sync.

The HotSync icons will indicate that a HotSync is occurring.

To more easily HotSync using infrared, you can reprogram a WorkPad button, use graffiti drag and drop, or use a shortcut. Refer to your WorkPad manual for information concerning these ideas.

IV. Troubleshooting Tips

If you are unable to HotSync using the infrared interface, make sure the following is true:

* Did you install all the PRC files on your WorkPad? There are 4 files. If not, reset your WorkPad and redownload the files.

To reset the WorkPad, make sure you have saved all data on your Desktop. Then, hold the hold the "ON/OFF" key down while pressing the reset pin. Then press the "up" key to clear all data.

When downloading the files, make sure that you change the port on the HotSync Manager to COM1 (not COM4) in order to sync using the cradle. Once the files are downloaded, change the port back to COM4.

* Does your WorkPad (8602-10U) have an infrared upgrade? If not, you must purchase the update prior to installing IR Synchronization software. If you download IR synchronization files onto your WorkPad, the install appears to work fine. However, you are unable to make a HotSync connect even when using the WorkPad cradle. Reset your WorkPad to remove IR Synchronization application.

To reset the WorkPad, make sure you have saved all data on your Desktop. Then, hold the hold the "ON/OFF" key down while pressing the reset pin. Then press the "up" key to clear all data.

* Are you trying to HotSync with the cradle? When the WorkPad is setup for IR Synchronization, the HotSync button on cradle appears to not work. This is because Infrared is selected in the SyncPanel. On the WorkPad, select Applications, Prefs, then access the SyncPanel. Change the "Local Sync using:" setting to Cradle.

* Is the speed at which you are connecting not the baud rate you expect? The baud rate is determined by IrMonitor on the ThinkPad. Changes to the baud rate in the HotSync Manager Setup do not have any effect with infrared connections. It is best to the leave the HotSync Manager Speed setting to "As Fast As Possible".

To make your adjustments to the infrared baud rate, open IrMonitor, click on the Options tab, enable "Limit connection speed to" and select the desired baud rate.


WorkPad, ThinkPad are trademarks of IBM, Incorporated.
IBM is a registered trademark of IBM, Inc. Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
(c) 1998 IBM, Incorporated. All rights reserved.

HotSync is a register trademark of 3COM.
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