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IBM WorkPad - Operating System Update

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This Palm OS v2.0.4 update is designed exclusively for use on IBM WorkPad organizers currently running Palm OS v2.0.x software.
Purpose: The Palm OS v2.0.4 software update includes several enhancements and fixes to the Palm v2.0 operating system. The update includes the following:
- Improves battery life.
- Balances the "tap" sensitivity on the PalmPilot screen.
- Handles alarms properly even after the application (that generated the alarms) is deleted.
- On the IBM WorkPad and Palm Pilot Professional Editon, responds to "Ping" commands properly.


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Installing Palm OS v2.0.4

Users may run the WorkPad Install Tool included with the Workpad Desktop software to install the update*.

1. Locate the directory where the upd204.exe file is stored.
2. Double-click on upd204.exe to extract the file.
3. Select the WorkPad Install Tool in the WorkPad Desktop program folder.
4. Select the correct user name from the "User Name" list.
5. Click the Browse button.
6. Locate upd204.prc file and double-click on it.
7. Click Install.
8. Click Exit.

During the next HotSync synchronization, the new system software automatically downloads to your WorkPad organizer.

*Please refer to page 149 of the WorkPad User's Guide for more details.

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