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IBM WorkPad - "Time-Outs" During HotSync

Applicable to: United States

Some WorkPad users encounter difficulty HotSyncing because the WorkPad device "times-out" when awaiting feedback from the computer. This typically occurs on older Mac and PC configurations with slower processors, or when attempting to HotSync a large amount of data.

If the WorkPad device times out during a HotSync, and WorkPad Desktop is open, close WorkPad Desktop first, then try HotSyncing again. If the WorkPad still times-out, then try the Developer's Backdoor described below.

A work-around exists which will make the WorkPad wait indefinitely for a response from the computer. To activate this "Developer's Backdoor" follow the steps below:

- Turn on the WorkPad device.
- Select Applications using the silk-screened button on the left of the WorkPad.
- Select the HotSync application icon.
- Hold down both the up and down scroll buttons (the rectangular buttons in the middle of the WorkPad) while tapping in the upper right corner of the screen (several taps may be necessary).
- A window should pop-up titled "DEVELOPER'S BACKDOOR. DLServer Wait Forever is ON." Select OK.
- Push the HotSync button on the cradle or the Local Sync button that appears on the screen.

The WorkPad will remain in the "wait-forever" mode until the HotSync is cancelled or completed, or the WorkPad shuts itself off per the Auto-off Preference setting. (Infrequently the HotSync Cancel option may get hung. If this happens, a soft-reset will restore the WorkPad.)

If the longer wait time results in a completed HotSync, use the Backdoor whenever necessary. Note that several WorkPad users have needed to use the Backdoor work-around only to complete their initial HotSync. Subsequent HotSyncs may be successful without using the Backdoor.

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