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IBM WorkPad - Will not power on

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The IBM WorkPad will not turn on, even with known good batteries installed.

There are a number of situations where the WorkPad may seem non-functional and in need of service. Most of these problems are easily fixed and do not require actual repair. If your WorkPad does not appear to power up when the power button is pressed, follow the procedures below before calling for service.

Step One:
First check the batteries in your WorkPad. Obtain a pair of good AAA alkaline batteries - you may want to use a battery tester or purchase a fresh pair to be sure they are in good condition. Install them into the WorkPad, making sure that the polarity is correct (match the plus and minus signs printed on the batteries with those indicated in the device). Wait a full three (3) minutes before pressing the power button.

Step Two:
Press the power button. If nothing appears on the screen, find the contrast wheel on the left hand edge of your device and fully rotate it both ways. Watch the screen for any images to appear. The contrast may sometimes be set too low or too high for images to appear correctly on the screen.

Note: Before proceeding with the following directions, try to perform a HotSync synchronization. If your WorkPad is able to complete the synchronization with
your desktop computer, but nothing appears on the screen of your WorkPad, you will want to contact the IBM PC HelpCenter. Please see the bottom of this document for a list of phone numbers.

Step Three:
If nothing still appears on the screen, perform a soft reset of your WorkPad. To do this:
1. Turn your device over and locate a small hole labelled "reset". This is the reset button for your device.
2. Using the tip of an unfolded paper clip (or similar blunt object), gently press the button inside the hole. Do not use a sharp object or use excessive force.
3. Turn the unit over and look at the screen. If the reset is successful, you should see a welcome screen, followed by the general preferences screen.

Step Four:
If your device still does not appear to power up, perform a "double soft reset". Simply perform a soft reset as directed above, but press the reset
button twice in quick succession.

Step Five:
If you have the WorkPad 2 (model 20X) (and not an earlier WorkPad model 10U equipped with the 2MB Upgrade), proceed to Step 6. Otherwise, you will want to check that the memory card inside the device is seated properly. To do this:
1. Carefully remove the memory card door on the back of your device. You can facilitate the removal of the memory card door by using the tip of an unfolded paper clip to gently press the release, located in the hole at the center of the unit, while sliding the door out from the top of the unit. Be careful not to force the paper
clip through the hole or insert anything into the hole when the memory door is not in place.
2. Use a blunt, thin object to gently but firmly press the memory card into its socket. Make sure that both sides of the card are inserted evenly into the socket. Check that the side clips that hold the card in place are completely latched onto the memory card.
3. Replace the memory card door securely.
4. Perform a soft reset, as in Step Three above.

Note: By removing the memory you will delete any data and any additional programs installed on your WorkPad. Make sure you have backed up the data before proceeding.

Step Six:
If your device still does not appear to power up, remove the batteries from the unit and perform a "double soft reset" as described in Step Four above. Install the batteries again, and wait three (3) minutes. Perform a soft reset as described in Step Three above.

Step Seven:
If your device does power up and the welcome screen appears, you will need to perform a HotSync synchronization to restore the data from your desktop computer. You may also need to reinstall any applications that have been previously added onto your WorkPad.

If the problem persists, contact the IBM HelpCenter. For a list of phone numbers for the IBM HelpCenter in your area, click here.

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