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IBM WorkPad - Patch for synchronization failure of emails with large recipient list

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This update is intended for current WorkPad Desktop software v3.0 users who have experienced problems with Email HotSync. This update corrects a situation where the HotSync process will fail while trying to synchronize email messages with a very large number of recipients. The exact number of email recipients that will trigger the problem depends on the mail system being used.

This update replaces the Email conduit file on the desktop. The new email conduit will correctly detect those email messag es with a significant number of recipients. In these cases, the message "(The content of this field was too large. The entire e-mail is available in your E-Mail application.)" will be transferred to the WorkPad organizer in place of the distribution l ist itself.

Usage Note: When reading email messages on the WorkPad organizer, the message headers are normally not displayed. To show them, tap on the Show Header icon in the upper-right corner. This shows all of the message recipients.


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NOTE: This driver will now automatically extract to your hard drive. It will only extract under Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT. The extraction process will NOT work with any other operating system.

Version check
To verify if the updated email conduit file is installed, do the following:
1. Using Explorer, go to the WorkPad directory (normally c:\WorkPad or c:\Pilot).
2. Find and select the Mail20.dll file.
3. Right-click and select Properties.
4. Select the General and Version tabs to confirm the version:

Modified Date File Version
---------------------- ------------
Original 2/26/1998 3:00:00 pm 3.0.0
Corrected 11/ 2/1998 3:01:00 pm 3.0.2

Installation instructions
After downloading the update file (emailupd.exe) from the web, do the following:
1. Close the WorkPad Desktop software if running.
2. Close HotSync software if running.
3. Using Windows Explorer, locate the directory where the emailupd.exe file is stored (normally c:\temp).
4. Double-click on emailupd.exe to extract the file into the c:\drivers\w9x\workpad directory.
5. Find the directory that contains the WorkPad Desktop (the default directory is c:\WorkPad).
6. Drag-and-drop the Email20.dll file from the c:\drivers\w9x\workpad directory into the WorkPad directory.
7. Click OK when asked if you wish to replace the existing file.
8. Restart HotSync and WorkPad Desktop software.

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