This section describes a number of useful tools accessed via toolbars and sub-toolbars available in Tolerance Analysis of Deformable Assembly workbench.

The toolbars are located on the right in the default set-up except for Measure toolbar which is located along the bottom and User Selection Filter toolbar which appears when selected in the View > Toolbars menu bar.

Analysis Toolbar
Elements Toolbar
Supports Sub-Toolbar
Fastening Elements Sub-Toolbar
Contacts Sub-Toolbar
Annotations Sub-Toolbar
Process Toolbar
Activities Sub-Toolbar
Tools Toolbar
Computed Results Sub-Toolbar


Analysis ToolbarTop

New Analysis
See Creating a New Tolerance Analysis

Import Mesh
See Importing Meshes

Import Data
See Importing Tolerance Analysis Data

Export Data
See Exporting Data

Elements ToolbarTop

See Supports Sub-Toolbar below
Mechanical Joint
See Creating a Mechanical Joint
Positioning System
See Creating a Positioning System
See Fastening Elements Sub-Toolbar below
See Contacts Sub-Toolbar below
Gravity load or Annotation
See Applying Gravity
See Annotations Sub-Toolbar below
Annotation Bag
See Creating Annotation Bags

Supports Sub-ToolbarTop

Rigid Support
See Creating Rigid Supports
Flexible Support
See Creating Flexible Supports

Fastening Elements Sub-ToolbarTop

Spot Welding
See Creating Fastening Elements
See Creating Fastening Elements
See Creating Fastening Elements
Spot Gluing
See Creating Fastening Elements

Contacts Sub-ToolbarTop

See Creating Contacts
Contact Links
See Linking Contacts

Annotations Sub-ToolbarTop

See Creating Deviations
Correlated Deviations
See Creating a Correlated Deviation
Distance Between two Points
See Creating a Distance Between Two Points
Analysis Geometric Variations
See Creating Analysis Geometric Variations
Morphing Variations
See Creating a Morphing Variation

Process Toolbar Top

Open Pert Chart
See Linking Activities
3D inventory viewer
Product Context
Resource Context
Link between activities
See Linking Activities
Item Assignment
See Managing Items
Unassign an item
See Managing Items
Assign a resource
Unassign a resource
See Activities Sub-Toolbar below

Activities Sub-ToolbarTop

Positioning Activity
See Adding an Activity
Fastening Activity
See Adding an Activity
Release Activity
See Adding an Activity
Already Done Fastening Activity
See Adding an Activity

Tools Toolbar 

See Reporting Tolerance Analysis Elements
See Computing Tolerance Analysis
See Computed Results Sub-Toolbar below

Computed Results Sub-ToolbarTop

See Visualizing Tolerance Analysis Results
Analysis Data
See Displaying Tolerance Analysis Results
Edit Image
See Displaying Tolerance Analysis Images