Creating Rigid Supports 

This task shows you how to create rigid supports.
A rigid support represents the assembly on tooling and it is modelized by a point which mechanical rigidity is infinite.
It is not possible to re-use a point already used as a support (rigid or flexible). 
This point can be:
  • One, several or all the V5 Points from one or several V5 Open Body.
  • One or several V4 mesh nodes from one or several V4 meshes.

A rigid support does not move during the assembly process.
The rigid support is stored in a CATPart document of the resource list.

Open the BasicTaaProcess2.CATProcess document.
  1. Click Rigid Support .

  1. Select the component representing the tooling under the ResourcesList node of the PPR tree.

    If the ResourcesList node of the PPR tree is empty, a resource product structure will be automatically created so that the user can select a resource component. The support created will be linked to the component selected.
    The Rigid Support Definition dialog box appears.
  1. Select the Support Points 2 open body.

    All the points of the open body are selected. In this example three points.
  2. Click OK.

    Three Rigid Support.20 items are created according to the selected points.