Computing a Tolerance Analysis 

This task will show you how to compute tolerance analysis activities.
  • The previous activities of the selected activity are computed too.
  • Nothing is visible after computing.
  • New contact links are created when the Automatic option is checked. See Links Creation Mode.
  • Selecting the Report option in the Compute dialog box generates a html file containing the compute report.
  • Selecting the Contact Check option in the Compute dialog box starts the search for invalid contacts.
    If invalid contacts are found, a message appears at the end of the computation, with the name of the first activity with an invalid contact.
    See the Analysis Results Dialog Box for more details.
Open the BasicTaaProcess2.CATProcess document.
  1. Click the Compute icon:

    The Compute dialog box appears.
  2. Select the Release.2 activity in the process list.

  3. Click OK.

    The Computation progress bar appears.
    The Release.2 activity is computed.