Creating a Morphing Variation

This task shows you how to create a Morphing Variation
A Morphing Variation models the global defect occurring between a nominal shape and a morphing representing the manufactured part.

The morphing is obtained either:

  • through the action Digitized Morphing in Realistic Shape Optimizer,
  • or through the action Shape Morphing in Generative Shape Optimizer.
Open the BasicTaaProcess3 CATProcess document.
  1. Click Morphing Variations .

  2. Select the Part1.1 component.

The Morphing Variations dialog box appears.

  1. Select DigitizedMorphing.1.

In the Statistic Law tab you can define the desired law.
One law and its parameters is available:

  • Percentage

    • Scale

    • Percentage

    • Mean (read only)

    • Standard Deviation (read only)

    • Tolerance Interval (read only)

  1. Click OK.

  The Morphing Variations.1 is created.