Importing Meshes 

This task shows you how to import a meshed assembly component.
This component must be a mesh contained in a CATIA V4 model.
Open the TaaProcess_01.CATProcess document.

The tolerance analysis document looks like this.

  1. Click Import Mesh .

    A product document is added to the product list: Product.1
  1. Select Product.1 in the specification tree as the product where the new component will be imported.

  1. Select the Plate.model and CurvedPlate.model documents from the same folder containing the process document, in the Open File dialog box and click OK.

Three documents are created:
  • A CATAnalysis document (the mesh contained in model document is extracted and stored into a CATAnalysis document).
  • A CATAnalysisComputations document where computations are stored.
  • A CATAnalysisResults document where results are stored.