Linking Activities

This task will show you how to create and remove links between activities.
The Process PERT Chart window displays process activities and their links.
This window is another representation of the specification tree process list.
Open the BasicTaaProcess2.CATProcess document.
  1. Click the Open PERT Chart icon:

  1. Select the BasicTaaProcess2 process.

    The Process PERT Chart window is opened.
  2. Right-click the link between Release.1 and Stop.1 and select the Delete command from the contextual menu.

    The link is deleted.
  3. Drag and drop Release.3 and Stop.1 activities.

  4. Click the Link between activities icon:

  1. Select, in the following order, Release.2, Release.3 and Stop.1 activities.

    New activities are linked.
  2. Close the Process PERT Chart window.

    New activities are linked in the specification tree too.