Exporting Data

This task will show you how to export tolerance analysis data.

The data structure of the exported file is the same as the tolerance analysis data structure. It will be possible to import the text file using Import Data command of the workbench, see Importing Tolerance Analysis Data and Tolerance Analysis Data.
Note that only specifications that can be imported are exported in the text file (e.g. non Tolerance analysis data, as Analysis Geometric Variations, or Contact Links are not exported).

The file header of the exported file is not customizable:  Notice that the version of the exported file is a new version of the data file (51300). Constraints directions are dumped in the data file.

<TaaData> Version: 51300
Mode: English
ModelPath: Absolute
LengthUnit: Millimeter
ForceUnit: Newton


  • The data structure must contain:
    • Only one root product.
    • Only one root resource.
  • TasPointPart and TasResources files are not exported (they are created when importing the data).

Assignment of contacts to activities are not exported.

  • If the exported CATPart document contains Tolerance analysis annotations, you must delete these annotations in the text file generated.
  • This functionality is standalone in this application.

Open the BasicTaaProcess2.CATProcess document.

  1. Click the Export Data icon:
    The Export dialog box appears.

  2. Specify the folder and file name where to export the file and click Save.