This section describes the various toolbar commands available in the Business Process Knowledge Template workbench.

Type Behavior Toolbar
Knowledge Tools Toolbar
Design Behaviors Toolbar
Infrastructure Behaviors Toolbar
Technological Object Toolbar
User Application Toolbar
Report Toolbar

Type Behavior Toolbar

Bind Type Behavior
See Add Type Behavior: Data Sheet.
Add Type Behavior
See Bind Type Behavior: Data Sheet.

Knowledge Tools Toolbar

Knowledge Relations Behavior
see Knowledge Relations: Using the if...else Syntax.
Knowledge Relations Behavior
See Knowledge Relations: Using the if...else Syntax.
Knowledge Relations Behavior
See Knowledge Relations: Using the if...else Syntax.
Knowledge Relations Behavior
See Knowledge Relations: Using the if...else Syntax.
Knowledge Certify Behavior
See Using the Knowledge Certify Behavior.
Knowledge Language Behavior
See Computing a Cap Volume Using the Knowledge Language Behavior.

Design Behaviors Toolbar

See Doc Based Sub-toolbar below.
See Bind Design Sub-toolbar below.
See Reuse Sub-toolbar below.
Insert Components Behavior
See Insert Components: Data Sheet.
Display in Window Behavior
See Display in Window Behavior: Data Sheet.

Doc Based Sub-toolbar

Load Document Behavior
See Load Document Behavior: Data Sheet.
Create New From Behavior
See Create New From Behavior: Data Sheet.
Filter Catalog Behavior
See Filter Catalog Behavior: Data Sheet.

Bind Design Sub-toolbar

Bind Part Behavior
See Bind Part Behavior: Data Sheet.
Bind User Feature Behavior
See Bind User Feature Behavior: Data Sheet.
Bind PowerCopy Behavior
See Bind PowerCopy Behavior: Data Sheet.
Bind Publication Behavior
See Bind Publication Behavior: Data Sheet.
Bind Product Instance Behavior
See Bind Product Instance Behavior: Data Sheet.

Reuse Sub-toolbar

Instantiate Template Behavior
See Instantiate Template Behavior: Data Sheet.
Create External Reference Behavior
See Create External Reference Behavior: Data Sheet.
Copy/Paste Behavior
See Copy/Paste Behavior: Data Sheet.
KWScript Behavior
See KWScript Behavior: Data Sheet.

 Infrastructure Behaviors Toolbar

See Structure Based Sub-toolbar below.
Call Behavior
Using the Call Behavior.
See Event Based Sub-toolbar below.
See Implementation Sub-toolbar below.
See Bind Based Sub-toolbar below.
See IO Based Sub-toolbar below.
See List Management Sub-toolbar below.
Propagate Execution Behavior
See Propagate Execution Behavior: Data Sheet.
Information Behavior
See Information Behavior: Data Sheet.

Structure Based Sub-toolbar

Sequence Combination Behavior
See Sequential Combination Behavior: Data Sheet.
Loop Behavior
See Loop Behavior: Data Sheet.
Generate Components Behavior
See Generate Components Behavior: Data Sheet.
Logical Combination Behavior
See Logical Combination: Data Sheet.

Event Based Sub-toolbar

On Done Behavior
See On Done Behavior: Data Sheet.
On Cancel Behavior
See On Cancel Behavior: Data Sheet.

Implementation Sub-toolbar


VBScript Behavior
See VBScript Behavior: Data Sheet.
Command Behavior
See Command Behavior: Data Sheet.
URL Behavior
See URL Behavior: Data Sheet.
ActiveX URL
See ActiveX URL Behavior: Data Sheet.
System Behavior
See System Behavior: Data Sheet.

Bind Based Sub-toolbar

Bind Object Behavior
See Bind Object Behavior: Data Sheet.
Bind Parameter Behavior
See Bind Parameter Behavior: Data Sheet.
Bind Reference Behavior
See Bind Reference Behavior: Data Sheet.
Bind Instance Behavior
See Bind Instance Behavior: Data Sheet.

IO Based Sub-toolbar

Link Parameters Behavior
See Link Parameters Behavior: Data Sheet.
Synchronize Parameters Behavior
See Synchronize Parameters Behavior: Data Sheet.

List Management Sub-toolbar

Add item Behavior
See Add item Behavior: Data Sheet Behavior.
Remove item Behavior
See Remove item Behavior: Data Sheet Behavior.
Get item Behavior
See Get item Behavior: Data Sheet Behavior.

Technological Object Toolbar

Open User Dictionary
See Opening a User Dictionary
Create Technological Type
See Creating a Technological Object
Add Attribute
See Adding an Attribute to a Technological Object
Add Components
see Adding a Component to a Technological Object
Add Function/Method
See Defining Knowledgeware Functions and Methods
The Unlink icon enables you to link or unlink behaviors

User Application Toolbar

Generate Applicative Workbench
See Deploying a User Workbench.

Report Toolbar

Generate Report
The Generate Report icon enables you to generate a report. This function allows you to generate an external file. The report will display all the objects under the Classes View  of the specifications tree. It will also display all the attributes associated with an object. For more information about this function, see the Product Structure User's Guide.
Check technological objects definition
See Using the Error Check Tool.
Expose Main Behavior
see Using the Call Behavior.