Insert Components Behavior: Data Sheet

Accessing this behavior This behavior can be accessed by clicking the Insert Components icon ()
Describing this behavior This behavior is designed to enable the expert user to insert a component into a product. It enables you to create a component or to insert an existing component by specifying the number of instances. In the case of contextual parts or products, you can choose to change the context.
If the BKT_INSERT_COMP_CONTROL variable is set to 1, this behavior takes its context into account. If the number of instances is modified, the behavior executes:
  • If the number of instances is greater than the number of instances initially indicated, new instances are added. 
  • If the number of instances is inferior to the number of instances initially indicated, instances are removed.
More information Note that the outputs of this behavior is:
Note that the output of this behavior is the GeneratedObjects: Valuated output list .
Using this Behavior Interface


Name: Name attributed to the behavior.
Comment: Comment attributed to the behavior.
Definition New component: The expert user can insert a component by specifying its part number. 
Existing component: The expert user can insert an existing component. In this case, the field will contain a load output feature of a .CATPart or .CATProduct document or the selection of a product in a document.

When working in an ARM environment, click ARM Browser to navigate to the ARM catalog that contains the template and select it. For more information about ARM, see CATIA Infrastructure User's Guide.

Instantiation context Father product The expert user specifies the product.
Number of instances: The expert user specifies the number of instances.
If located in a loop combination, the number of instances is automatically set to 1.
Change context for first instance If checked, enables you to initialize the context for the first instance. This option is recommended if the inserted part is contextual. For more information, see the Product Structure User's Guide.
The Typing management field was removed from the user interface. This field enabled you to type instances and add sub-types. To do so, use the Generate Components Behavior.
Using this behavior See Using the Insert Components Behavior: Auto update Mode.