Bind Product Instance Behavior: Data Sheet

Accessing this behavior This behavior can be accessed by clicking the Bind Product Instance Behavior icon () in the Bind Based Behaviors toolbar.
Describing this behavior Given a product or a part, this behavior searches for the instance whose name or path is specified. If the input feature is a part, the output feature will be a product.
Given a product Vehicle containing an instance of the product "Engine", this behavior enables you to find the instance of engine using the reference engine. In the case of a part used in a product context, if you specify the part, the behavior will find the corresponding product instance. If the product contains more than one instance, the behavior returns the first one.
If the input feature is not a part, see Bind Instance Behavior: Data Sheet. For more information about the Bind mechanism, see About the Bind Mechanism...  
More information Note that the output feature of this behavior is a Link.
Using this Behavior Interface

Name: Name attributed to the behavior.
Comment: Comment attributed to the behavior.
Bind Reference In the Behaviors tree, click:
  • An object or a behavior variable that will contain a V5 item at run time. 
  • A behavior.

The search will start from the object indicated in this field. If nothing is indicated, the search will start from this behavior.

Relative Name Enter the object name that you are looking for or an access path (using the ../.. syntax).